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J.Crew script from ad

I exhausted the list of all the script typefaces I know and none were quite there. Does anyone know what script typeface this is? It's close to a lot of fonts like Shelly and a few other classics but isn't quite there. This one seems a tad more contemporary for some reason.

Just in time for Xmas and New Year celebration we are proud to introduce a new font to our growing collection.

Platinus Script Pro is the latest example of what has now become a Sudtipos tradition: Adapting conventional calligraphic methods from the last two centuries to produce modern digital scripts for the current one.

This time the resulting font explores the evolution of invitation scripts from the classic commercial lettering of the 1930s to the ideas clearly visible in the greeting cards of the 1980s and 1990s.

Most base characters are made up of a single stroke, with some of strokes driven from the top down,

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Two fonts.


I'm looking to identify both fonts in this image (mostly the script one). I tried with Fond My Font, but it didn't work.



Anyone recognize? Thanks!

Looking for both the script logotype face (which I think is contemporary), and something that closely resembles the wall type, which is probably old hand lettering based on some classic form. But maybe not?! Candidates for the wall so far include Emigre Brothers, Brokman, PF Din Display Pro, Intropol, and Pill Gothic. Thanks for your help!

I have fallen in love with this font and can not find the name of it any where. Pretty please help.


Some of you could help me please with this font?

thx in advance

I'd take it to whatthefont, but it's a script so obviously that wouldn't work well. What do we have here?


I would love help identifying this beautiful font. Thanks for all you help. this is a great site!

The URL is

and i will attach a photo below.


Can anyone point me toward a font that is similar to the "ESELER" part of this wordmark?

Hey y'all, just come across this typeface and was trying to track it down.
Been through all the usual avenues but can't seem to find this one. Quite playful and bold script style font*
Would love to figure out what this typeface is & know that this is the place for that.
Hope this comes in handy fro some of you out there too :)

Ran across this handwritten face on Pinterest and wondered if anyone could ID this?

Thanks in advance!

Does anybody know this great script font?

There's a new Dutch magazine called De Liefde (Love). It has a really distinct use of 2 fonts. Could anyone help me id-ing both the title font and the font used for the headers.

Thanks a lot!

Anyone remember this one? Thanks!

Hi all!

LOVE this poster, and have been wanting to ID the "yes" in old Open signs for awhile so I thought I'd throw this up and see if anyone can ID it. Thanks so much Typophilers!

Please some help id-ing this stylish script font.

Thanks in advance for id-ing the My typeface.

Please help me in identifying the script font on this packaging. Thank you!!

Looking for some feedback on this logo I designed for a photo restoration business I am starting. I wanted something with a retro/vintage feel, without being too kitschy. I think I have succeeded at that here, but I am looking for some outside opinion. Thanks.

Is the "illy" typeface handwritten or an actual typeface? If it's an actual typeface, what is it called?

Thank you.

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Grandmas handwriting

This is a page of my grandmas notebook while she was attending cooking lessons back in 1930's. LOVE IT!

Of all the fonts I have to find on a daily basis, ones like this are the most common. From Snell, to Allegro, to ChopinScript, and so on. The similarities are driving me mad. lol.

Any help with this latest font would be appreciated. Thanks!

I've tried three online font identifiers. No luck. Thanks!

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Wilson - fancy script

I cannot find this font. Can anyone here identify it for me?

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