I've been trying to look for this font for ages.
The first time I saw it was in a title card in an animated series, and I thought that it was custom made, and thus impossible to find on the Internet, but not very long ago, I found it used in a bar's facade, which led me to think that it was a pre-existing font.

The font was white with a black outline, but the TV version had some kind of "reflections". You'll understand better if you look at the image. However, the version I saw in the bar (which I assume is the original font) didn't have them.

The top image is one of the title cards I first saw the font in, and the bottom part is my own (badly-made, I know) recreation of the original look of the font, without the "reflections" seen in the first one, just as I saw it in the bar.

Help me out here. Need to get this font for a client...loving this right now.

Hello, I am having a bit of difficulty ID'ing this font. Any help would be appreciated.

I've just released a new free font called SONAR SCRIPT available for free download at the Floodfonts website. If you want to see more in-use examples you are invited to visit the Behance project:

SONAR SCRIPT is a modular, experimental typeface that plays with the idea to fold a line of text from a continuous strip of paper. In spite of its technical and contemporary appearance, the overall impression of the typeface is unusual and very characteristic! SONAR SCRIPT works really well to create grid-based, geometric layouts with large letters or to design logotypes.

Does anyone know what this script font is? I've identified lots of similar fonts, but none that are a match. Any help would be extremely appreciated! :) Thanks so much!

Does anyone know what this script font is? I've identified lots of similar fonts, but none that are a match. Any help would be extremely appreciated! :) Thanks so much!

Could someone please help identify the script font here:

Thanks in advance!

Arabesque and Bon Air, two alphabets from two different centuries, are not what most people immediately think of when they think "wood type". These quirky script fonts simulate hand lettering from very different eras and are now brought into the digital age for the first time ever. A third font, Catchwords , brings a classic printshop resource into the digital designer's toolbox.

Detailed information regarding these releases, including the "Making Of The Font" feature, can be found at the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry website: here.

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Handwritten eth & thorn

I'm having a hard time finding examples of handwritten eth /thorn characters for reference. Does anyone know where I can find such samples or would be kind enough to scan a couple?



My name is Mario and this is my first post in this great forum. Sorry for my english if I don't write correctly hehe.

I have a trouble designing my first Tamil script. Specifically with the character ஷ (Ssa). The typography I designing will be for wayfinding, and of course I want to be the most legible as possible. Searching in webs, I found three ways to draw this character, and my question is if one of them is more common, more correct, or more legible. I also could create an alternative character, but I prefer to know the best drawing for Ssa and then choose it as default.

I attach a jpg with my three versions of Ssa.

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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"Brown's Court" Font ID

I believe the type is hand-drawn (based on the 'o' and 'r'), but does anyone know a script font that is close in style? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Logo attached

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Odd Script Font

Hi guys.

The font below is unfortunately the best version I've been able to get you client didn't have anything better.
I don't know what it might be. I've tried several and they don't match. It's part of a bigger corporate logo, so I don't want to be "close enough" either.

Thanks in advance,

Does anybody recognize this upright script?


Appreciate the help.


Designed by Franck Jalleau, Scripto is the fruit of a work on gesture and its resulting trace, along with the research on new rhythms. It steers away from usual cursive typefaces through bold and radical choices.

it can be found on the itunes store main marquee (1/31/13) the Justin Bieber one but i only want to know the font for his first name. i know the distressed type/ look is an edit but i want to know the main font for "Justin"

I would like to know the name of this font. The client cannot remember the name and of course we must recreate some elements. I've seen what you guys do and how quickly you do it. You're amazing. Much thanks in advance.

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Script ID


Can anyone tell me the fonts from this logo, particularly the script? Thanks!

Was curious if anyone knew the Handwritten Script style face used in the attached image. Spent awhile going through lists and lists at MyFonts and just can't seem to find a match.


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Script with nice glyphs

Hi there,
Can anyone identify this script for me. It was used on this years Curious paper Christmas mailout paper sample?

Hello 2013, Bellissima Script is the first Sudtipos release of the year.

While in the same vein and spirit as Burgues and Compendium, Bellissima began from an entirely different thread as those fonts. It started with Alex Trochut generously showing me a gorgeous lettering book from his grandfather's library: Bellezas de la Caligrafía, by Ramón Stirling, 1844. Stirling was one of the Latin calligraphy pioneers who introduced a refined version of English calligraphy in Spain and made it popular in the nineteenth century.

What is the name of the font in the attached picture?

Here's another prototype font for our upcoming animation. This was more or less my freehand corrected in a vector graphics package.

Download Inklings

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Hi Everyone

Been hunting all over for this script font. It's very close to Palace Script Semibold, but it's still not the right weight. Any suggestions? I've tried English, Kuentsler, Bickham, Shelly and Berthold with no match.

I have looked around a lot but didn't get to find this font name, anyone knows it?

Thanks a lot

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