Does anyone recognize this?

I am currently doing a logo for Italian restaurant, pizzeria and spaghetteria. Name for restaurant is Bruschetta, located in Zadar, Croatia.

Client even before brief wanted Kunstler script to use as main typography but I think it is not so appropriate for an Italian restaurant.
I need alternative for script if client doesn't want to use serifed typeface.

So I am looking for a script that has organic feel, that has connection with food, vegetables, ingredients. And also convey italian and mediterranean feel.

Thought of pairing Bodoni and Bodoni script but I am not sure for now.

And maybe something like this.

Thanks everyone.

Woodgreen Community Services bought an “atrocious” old rooming house in east-end Toronto (at Queen and Carroll in Riverside), gutted it, and rebuilt it as well-finished transitional housing for homeless people.

Hello all,

I am working on a logo design for a photographer. I am finally to playing with beziers. I'd like some feedback on my progress. Attached is a little process of the modifications.

Let me know if you think something is too much or too little or if you have other suggestions. I want it to feel a little more natural, but mostly to just feel "right" if that makes sense.



Is there anything odd in the calt list of Vista/Windows 7's font "Segoe Script"? I was alerted today by an InDesign user that contextual alternates do work for Latin script, but don't appear to get activated for Cyrillic text.

I examined the OTF tables, and, sure enough, the calt tables for Latin are only defined in the Latin Script part, and the Cyrillic Script section has its own calt list. Nothing out of the ordinary, I presume.

Theoretically, the used program ought to recognize a series of Cyrillic characters and automatically switch over to the Cyrillic section -- right? I think that was the entire purpose of the Scripts sections. Could it be an error in InDesign CS4? Or am I misinterpreting the use of the Script tags and how they would work in practice?

Greetings all. First time poster. I've trying to find a pairing face for a custom wordmark that I've done for a mixed martial arts company (yuck, I know). The wordmark is comparable to something like the ford logo. I can't seem to think of anything that really works well enough for me to present.



I tried Bowfin's website, very helpful but the samples are too small to find a match. Can anyone id this script?

Hey guys,

Check out this really sexy script on an Australian beer (that we were not drinking at the workplace, I swear!)

What is it?

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Fiber Plus font

Can anyone tell which font this is or is it a custom lettering job?


Hey everyone!

Looking for a font similar to the "Aventine" in the below pic- any ideas??

Hi there,

Looking for something similar to this retro/vintage script font (used on an 80s portuguese tv show).
The letters aren't even the same so this is probably all handwritten - but I'm desperately looking for something like this.

The words are cut - it read 'ora' and 'olha' (the complete words would be 'agora escolha').

Thanks in advance!

Hey all you font fundi's out there! I'm looking for a font that looks like the Katy Schmaty logo or is close to it..any ideas?

Hi folks,

I'm not sure this is the exact right place for this, but I'm trying to track down the typographer of a free script font that's all over the freebie sites.

Font is Monika Italic [link removed by moderator] and the credit goes to "Catrina" (for whom I cannot seem to find any info whatsoever).

I'd like to use this in a commercial piece (all accompanying license info says it's freeware, but the font file is unembeddable which indicates otherwise). Can anyone either point me in the right direction, or perhaps suggest a suitable alternative ('50s-era italic script)? This is a pro bono project, so sadly I need to lean toward free or cheap.

Thanks so much!

Having a problem with the default 3d Extrude script in fontlab. IT generate the shadow a little bit offset witch make it look missdesign. I'm sure it was report many time. But is somebody have a better python script or a workaround ?

hopefully something chalk full of glyphs as well :)

I am having a hard time finding this font, the C is cut off but is ornate

I've recently learned how to use Fontlab Studio 5, and I also learned how to script ligatures. But I noticed Illustrator for example has more buttons in the type tool section: Standard Ligatures, Contextual Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Swash, Stylistic Alternates, Titling Alternates, Ordinals and Fractions.

So out of that list, I only know how to script the standard ligatures. Does anyone know how to script the others, or do you know a source to learn about it? Most font families contain all the ligatures and swash letters as seperate fonts rather than putting it into a single font (OpenType). Is there a reason for doing this?

Hi Everyone,

My client sent me this photo and wants me to use the font that the "two" is written in. I'm having so much trouble identifying it, though!

Thank you all in advance,


I've tried to search, but to no avail.

Can anyone define the difference for me?


So I am doing a clothing label and I need a close alternative to Dorchester Script that connects the letters, like some other script fonts do. I started doing it by hand but it just dosen't feel right.

Thanks Guys!


This is a script font I'm working on and it's quite raw by now. I would really appreciate some critiques about it. It is meant to be inspired by thick brush strokes so I tried to give it a certain angle.

Does anyone know this font? I am needing it to complete a proof today.
Thanks in advance
Erin Z

I'm trying to remember what font this is. I can't remember where I got it, but I'd like to buy it.

It's a slightly loose, yet formal handwritten script with some mildly swashed caps.


Hello There!

I'm making my first font, and releasing betas as I make any little bit of progress (in the same way as open source projects do, since my background is PHP programming).

Is a nice bold condensed script with plenty of ligatures and final forms alternates.
For me is a learning experience, so any feedback is highly appreciated.

You can download it for free from the lobster font mini-site.


Which formal, copperplate script is this. Almost Linotype's Kuenstler. (And, yeah - somebody thought it would be fun to letterspace it. nice.)

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