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Looking for the font of that logo. Seems simple enough, I guess, for people much better at this than I. Sorry there aren't more letters.

The designers here at my work, we have been having a problem. We constantly get customer artwork to redraw for our process, and more often than not, we end up having to trace fonts. This gets tedious and time-consuming especially with scripts.

Our product sees a lot of use in weddings and we end up tracing this font a lot.

Hi everyone,

I need some feedback on a logotype for an F&B brand that I've been working on.
It's based on Susa Bold (

The client likes the original version, although he is concerned that people would read the logotype as Loi, instead of Zoi, due to the cursive stroke of the uppercase "Z".

Therefore, I've made some modifications to the uppercase "Z" to make it look less like the cursive uppercase "L" (please see image below).

However, I really like the curvy upper case "Z" because it has so much flair which fits the brand perfectly, and gives the logo a unique personality. I'm afraid that the more I reduce the cursiveness of the uppercase "Z", the less flair is retained.


Warriors of Radness have a relationship with John Downer, so it's possible he did this one. But if it IS a font I'd like to know! I'm mostly concerned with "Warriors" but "of radness" would be nice to know also!

Hello All!

I have come close with Memimas, Cartoleria, School Script but they all have the open "E" in capital style but this font has a classic cursive script "e".

All suggestions welcome.

Hi there,

I was wondering if i may have some assistance in a logo i am creating at the moment. I have licensed metroscript and would like to increase the contrast so the logo is scaleable and legible in small sizes.

So far i have filled the "O"'s counter, as well as the "A"'s to increase legibility, however I am still struggling to add contrast to the logo.

Are there any tips you might have?



Hi all, does anybody recognise this copperplate-style script on the "I Am Love" movie poster?

Caridade is a bold and powerful script face. It draws some inspiration from heavy brush drawn vintage hand lettering but its heavy weight is much thicker with plenty of impact and more contemporary letterforms. The face offers a wide array of weights, from the powerful Heavy weight to the graceful Thin.

Caridade can get the job done for many unique design tasks.

I saw this font while walking through the mall the other day.
It was at the Hallmark Store
Can anyone tell me what it's called? I need to use it in a presentation - It's Perfect for what I need!

See link below:

Can you email me at


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Need a simple Python script

Can anyone help (urgent) writing a simple Python script for Font Lab?
Please contact off list at:

Urgent help appreciated

There's a really nice script font being used on the Radley London site at the moment where it says 'Summer Sale'. I figured this would be a freebie as its not part of their identity usually.

Anyone have any ideas what this is? Its beautiful.

If anyone can help ID this font, I would certainly welcome the answer! No one seems to know exactly what typeface this is. Please help by ID of the exact typeface. I have had several similar suggested to me, but no one has come up with the exact face.

Can anyone help me, or actually identify this script? There are many similar, but I need the actual typeface.

Just need to have this font identified, I have looked through hundreds of fonts and I can't figure it out. So I though I'd come to the experts.

Knowing me it is something that's in the Microsoft default font package and I'm and idiot for missing it, but I can't find it maybe you can.

Thanks in advance!

I've been searching fontyukle, indentifont etc for hours but can't find this one.

Any ideas?

I've been searching fontyukle, indentifont etc for hours but can't find this one.

Any ideas?

I'm in desperate need of this font for my wedding invitations. I spotted this font in an invitation suite by Mae Mae Paperie and now I have to have it!

Thanks in advance

- Z.

I know i've seen this font somewere, but i cant remember it's name, please help me! : ) Thank you.

Any suggestions on this font name? Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to I.D this font. It seems similar to Marcelle but a heavier weight and no destruction.

Any help much appreciated.

A client of mine has requested that I copy a font exactly from the design they did previously and unfortunately do not have a digital copy of the file they originally used.

The typeface is a script, but I don't now which one.

I was hoping someone could help me.



Please could someone help identify this font?

Much appreciated.


I'm not sure if this picture is going to attach correctly, but can anyone help me id the font in this photo?

I'd really appreciate any help!


can you recognize this typeface?

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