Here is the Swash M of a script I'm working on.
What do you think?

Can anyone identify this script font. It's been bugging me for ages!

So, if I can identify this font that would be great, but I'm guessing that it's a custom job, so if I can find something similar, or even samples of similar stuff that isn't font based, or EVEN just somewhere to start looking for inspiration so I can start from scratch myself, that would be awesome.

The main thing I want to replicate for a logo job I'm working on is a fun retro script, that doesn't look like it's trying really hard to be retro. The thing I like most about the Grill'd logotype is that the variation in width across the typeface is very subtle, and not overly calligraphic.

Their website is if anyone wants to look deeper into it. Any pointers leading in any direction would be much appreciated!

I've done a bunch of hunting but can't find this particular script font...with its charming o and easy to read caps. Help!

Hi All,

I've had great success from y'all on here before helping to i.d. fonts for me.

I hope that one of you wise i.d.'ers out there can help with this... I just came across this site today, and I am in love the script font used here...

Many Thanks in advance! :)

Cheers, and a happy ho-ho to you all!

Hi, I could do with some help on id'ing this one please. Maybe the 'R' has been customized but if someone could help me out with the base font it would be much appreciated

Many thanks in advance


I'm working on some custom script and this is my first time trying to pull off something this ornate. I know there are some serious issues with this guy, but I'd love some helping identifying some priority fixes since this goes to print in less than 24 hrs. Any feedback would be very appreciated!

Also, I started cutting away sections of the path where things overlap, to give it a ribbony, dimensional feel. Do you prefer with or without?

I'm wondering if any one knows the script font in this book Gusto: A journey Through Culinary Design. If you google the book there's more pages to view

Me and my friend have come across this typeface a lot on Tumblr (blog website) as it's used in a lot of page themes.
Shares similar qualities to the Lobster font, but it's slightly different.
He has sent me this screenshot he took, but you can also find it on as the logo on the left.
Does anybody know the font name?

I have no idea why the photo is rotated when both Preview and PS show the image upright.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can anyone help identify this face please? Many thanks

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Old World font id

Can anyone let me know what these fonts are? They're both so beautiful...

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Cursive script font

I can't seem to match a font that has the correct 'h' and 'r' format.

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ID this script

I'd like to know the typeface for the script used in "tempo." Thanks.

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Script Wine Label

Does anyone know what the script is here? Also, what might be the RUDD font?

Thanks so much,

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Script font.


Can anyone identify this font please?

Thank you!


Is anyone able to ID the English font used in this poster?


Trying to learn more about features, focusing on the kerning feature at the moment.

In another post Jens Kutilek kindly offered the following feature as a suggestion to a problem I was trying to solve (

feature kern {
script grek;
language dflt;
pos space <50 0 100 0>;
} kern;

What I'm wondering about is the script and language statements. I've read about them a bit on Adobe's site but, admittedly, will have to back and revisit to better understand. One thing I didn't see is how these statements get used or activated.

Does anyone know what is the typeface with script swashes on this book cover? (low x-height, high ascenders) I thought it was Mrs.Eaves Sans, but this one has high ascenders!

Thank you!


Piel Script

After several years receiving images and request for tattoo design using some of our fonts we are proud to announce the release of our lastest font addition with tattoo style on mind.

See the specimen here
License the font here

About Piel Script

Can anyone identify (or recommend) a similar font? Thanks!

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Shiner 101 Label Script

I'm trying to find a font which approximates the script font used for the text "Czech-Style Pilsner" on the bottom of a Shiner 101 bottle label. I've attached an image of the label and here is a link as well:

I know this particular example has a handwritten look applied to it. I'm not necessarily looking an exact match, but just something that looks pretty similar.


After five years in the making, my Reading MATD type design is out:

JAF Herb, a scripty blackletter.

saw this on a draft of a poster for sint lucas "bold italic" 2008

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Are you a Script Guru?

Hi Guys

Does anyone know what this script typeface is?

many thanks

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