You are looking for a contemporary upright script family?
Lignette Script is an elegant monoline font consisting of 535 glyps, with a wide range of languages covered (including greek) and 71 beautiful ligatures – please make sure to use applications that support OpenType features. Moreover Marcus Sterz created Lignette Deco to complete the graceful look with frames and ornaments.

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Script L

Hi Guys,

Does anyone recognise this script L? Only image I have at this stage.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Telefonica font

Thanks in advance for id-ing this sweet font!

Any suggestions for a good font to use on formal invitations for the sections requiring all caps (for example, post/zip codes) where the main body of the text is set in a script - such as Bickham Script - in order to avoid this (see image)?

Any help gratefully received!



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Help i.d. upright script

Looking for help identifying this upright script.

Can anybody identify this font or even something similar?

Anybody that knows the name of this font? Or simular...

Hello, I'm working on a literary magazine and there's the script for a theater piece. It's dialogue-based, with character names in front of each line. What's a good way to typeset this?

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Script font

Dear all,

I spotted this type on a book on modern architecture and I was wondering if any of you remember it's name.

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Script font

Dear all,

I spotted this type on a book on modern architecture and I was wondering if any of you remember it's name.

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Script Typefaces

Not sure if these two typefaces are hand lettered or a modified from existing. Anybody recognize these two separate typefaces?


I'm looking for recommendations on calligraphers/lettering experts who specialise in script typography, particularly the "copperplate script" kind for logo use.

Does anyone have contacts or recommendations? is proud to release a wonderful set of new fonts from the Hallmark™ Design Collection. And as a special introductory offer, all the new Hallmark fonts are on sale with a 25% discount now through February 9, 2011.

This expanding collection contains a vibrant range of script and display fonts. These new releases showcase some exciting styles that offer distinctive ways to enhance a wide variety of design projects and personal communications. All Hallmark fonts are available immediately for instant download in TrueType® and OpenType® formats, and also for use as Web Fonts at!

I'm looking to identify this font. It definitely looks more like a font than a custom logotype.

I've seen this pop up in print over the past several years and have asked fellow designers who say that it's hand drawn, so I started hand drawing something similar. But I keep seeing it and now I found this and must get to the bottom of it Apologies if this has already been IDed

Cheers guys!

Having a hard time identifying this face. I've looked through all of Veer, Fontshop and Myfonts with no luck. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, it might be a small foundry.

Because it's hilarious to me, I thought I'd share a link to a huge multi-page rant about the logo emblazoned across the front of Egnater guitar amplifiers. The website is a site about guitar gear, like amps and effects and stuff.

Terrible mistake by Egnater.

Anyway, here is the logo that they are complaining about, the great big scripty "Egnater":

$.50 to the person who points out the bigger issue with the design :p

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Help identify this font

Please help me identify this font.

Initially I thought it was done by a calligrapher, but the identical /B/s led me to think it was a font?


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Vegas Script

script from the Las Vegas welcome sign

Here is the Swash M of a script I'm working on.
What do you think?

Can anyone identify this script font. It's been bugging me for ages!

So, if I can identify this font that would be great, but I'm guessing that it's a custom job, so if I can find something similar, or even samples of similar stuff that isn't font based, or EVEN just somewhere to start looking for inspiration so I can start from scratch myself, that would be awesome.

The main thing I want to replicate for a logo job I'm working on is a fun retro script, that doesn't look like it's trying really hard to be retro. The thing I like most about the Grill'd logotype is that the variation in width across the typeface is very subtle, and not overly calligraphic.

Their website is if anyone wants to look deeper into it. Any pointers leading in any direction would be much appreciated!

I've done a bunch of hunting but can't find this particular script font...with its charming o and easy to read caps. Help!

Hi All,

I've had great success from y'all on here before helping to i.d. fonts for me.

I hope that one of you wise i.d.'ers out there can help with this... I just came across this site today, and I am in love the script font used here...

Many Thanks in advance! :)

Cheers, and a happy ho-ho to you all!

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