Hey guys I've been working on this custom lettering project. What do you guys think? Is the composition balanced? Is this too busy? Your suggestions & constructive criticism would be much appreciated!

It's inspired by this quote... "Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket" by Pharrell.

- Joseph

inuTattoo Script Font was inspired from tattoo lettering with swirl tattoos

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Available : UPPERCASE , lowercase, Numeric, symbol ( TTF and OTF )

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Sweet Script

Hello Everybody,

I'm trying to identify this font. I am sure I have seen it somewhere but I can't remember or identify it again...
Thanx for your help !

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Cursive script

Looked like an easy one at first sight, but myfonts doesn't return anything close when i look for cursive script..
Anyone? :)

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Playful Casual Script

Any help would be much appreciated :)


I pulled this font sample for use in a magazine design. Now that I'm prepping the files for press I cannot locate the original source. I would assume this was a font, since the file is saved as typetester_image.php, but I have no idea where it's from! I've searched You Work for Them and Myfonts with no luck so far.

Hi all,

I'm trying to identify this typeface used in I Love New York: Ingredients and Recipes. It's so familiar, but I can't recall the name nor can I find it in my type library. Any ideas?

Hey guys,
Does anyone recognise these fonts at all? Having trouble IDing any of them.

PS. Apologies for the screen shots!

May be impossible to identify, as it may be entirely custom, but I figure it's worth a shot.

I'm working on a custom script as a logotype and would like to have you feedback - I have two versions with differing "L"s:

So, A or B? I feel pretty good with the "Hus" but I think that the "tle" still needs some working out. Additionally I'm aware of some of the Illustrator stroke issues with some jankiness that I'll attend to once I get the letter forms finalized.

Let me know if you see any other problem areas or have suggestions to improve it.

Hi, typophiles,

Can anyone identify something close to either of these two typefaces on this book cover? (Jan Huizinga, In the Shadow of Tomorrow, 1936)?

I realize it's hand-lettered, but anything close as a starting place would be a big help - with some attention to the detail/peculiarities, if possible.


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Can't identify font

Can somebody help me identify this font? I need to vectorize a logo.

Does anyone have any idea what font the word "gallery" is?

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Release: Alianza

Alianza is a complex typographic system wich includes three different but complementary styles so far: Slab, italic and script, with nine weights each one; plus three sets of ornamental fonts: labels, negative labels and ornaments.

The soul of the family is a slab feeling applied judiciously to the italic and script styles to make it coherent with the whole system.

Each style has three sets of figures: Proportional lining, tabular lining and old style.

You can mix the three styles in a single piece to obtain more expressive results without worring about the uniformity and complementing the design by using the ornamental sets.

Available for purchase at

Hi all,

Does anybody recognise this font? Thanks for any help.

Hi everybody!!!

so long time that I didn't came here to read you!!! :( miss u a lot. too much work!!! argh.

regarning work, I need your help to recognise this font!!!
I know that is easy, but I can't find it!!!

please help me!!!
thanks a lot!!!


Hello, can anybody help ID these 2 fonts please?
I found a font called "Blessed Day" that looks like the Black Scale font, but it's not the same.
And for the "D M N D", the closest I found was Roman Engraved.
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you :)

- Pat

This should be a pretty easy one for you guys. I've seen it in multiple places, and I've been wanting to use it...I just can't seem to figure out the font. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Thick body script

Need to recreate this font for a customer, and can't find the right typestyle.
Any help would be appreciated.

Can anybody help identify this font OR a similar script-style font?
Thanks! :)

I am working on replacing some of the vinyl lettering on the wall in the photo I have attached. I have seen this font before, but I have come up empty in all my efforts to identify it. Even "What The Font" can't identify it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Rob J

Hello community,

I'm looking for the ID's of the sans font & the script font used on this town sign. The sign is located in Sky Valley, California, USA. Any ID's of similar fonts are also very welcome.

Thanks in advance for helping

Cheers from Berlin

Picture credit goes to:

Anyone know this one? It's so close to Salamander it's not funny but it's not exactly it.

Hi, I need some help identifying this font. It looks like Edwardian script but it's not. Any idea ?

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