Type Specimen

It’s easy to find sans serif typefaces with multiple widths and weights, but large serif families are much less common. The 30-font FF More fills this void. Five weights in each of Condensed, Regular, and Wide widths answer every need of publication design, from strong headlines to readable text and space-efficient information graphics. FF More’s sturdy serifs and gentle contrast withstand the rigors of magazine and newspaper design — retaining clarity despite size, background, or substrate.

Check out Veer's latest type specimen movie – http://bit.ly/g9ML6h – and no, I'm not on commission – just like it ;)


Starting in November and for a very limited time, all customers who buy the Sirba Bundle in our store will receive, completely free of charge, a copy of this special Sirba type specimen. This collectors piece was designed and produced by Nicolien Van der Keur, original designer of Sirba. The 24-page specimen has been partially printed in letterpress on a wide range of selected papers and has an embossed cover. There are only 525 copies of this collector's item.

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