A friend of mine got this from a fleamarket in Normandie/France. Must be from the 50s. I’m not asking for an ID since this is obviously custom made. But maybe someone knows something about this kind of wonky style or of similar looking typefaces. Any input is appreciated.

Tradition meets tomorrow in Mexborough-Mexborough has just been released by Greater Albion and is being offered at 30% introductory discount on Here's a specimen sheet showing the six members of the Mexborough family.

The typeface Guia by Tânia Raposo has been her final project at the type]media Master in The Hague. “Guia” is the Portuguese word for “Guide”. In this guest article on, Tânia explains the development of her typeface:

This is Exterior signage of the Juliet Theatre (now Café) in Poughkeepsie, NY. Opened in 1938, and believed to be original signage. Any help would be much appreciated!

3 generation old sign found under a shed. looking to name the font. thanks in advance

Someone with an interest/knowlegde in contemporary arabic typography?

I am working on a project in the middle east and looking for the arabic companion to Geogrotesque - any suggestions on which font to choose?


Hi, a week ago, traffic authorities of Prague changed the signs in one metro station in Prague. Can anyone identify the typeface they used? Thanks.

This is a sample from the Solari split-flap "Train Information" board at Amtrak's PHL 30th St. Station. I suspect the typeface on the flaps is a custom job (presented as monospaced on single-character flaps, but kerned on longer place-name flaps), but I'm looking for something with a similar feel. So far the best I've got is Whitney Condensed Book or Medium; which will work fine, but I still wanted to see if there were any other opinions.


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Old No Trespassing Sign

Looking to ID the 'trespassing'

thanks much!

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Ken Bessie, Lex Kominek, and I had the second Calgary Typophile meet-up last night at a conveniently located pub, where we were faced with the sign below.

Much to the amusement of the other people with whom we were sharing a table, we tried, unsuccessfully, to identify this face: heck, it even stumped Lex! (No, we hadn't had that many beers either.)

Apart from the fact that the kerning leaves a fair bit to be desired (and what's with those periods?), would someone else like to take a stab at this one?

(And if you're in Calgary and want to come along to the next event, ask one of us for details.)

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