font metrics

How does Font Lab Studio do it?? When you click that green diamond button in Metrics and Dimension -> TrueType-specific metrics, what formula is FLS using to determine the new values? I've tried doing it to a font and then converting it to XML using TTX and trying to look for matching numbers or something.. I mean I'm going crazy trying to figure this out.


Please help me to understand how UPM is related to ascenders and descenders. For example, look at Times New Roman (TTF) metrics, UPM = 2048 (see image below).

I used to believe that UPM = Ascender - Descender, but now I find that I was wrong. But what metrics expression must be equal to UPM? What plus what (or minus what) must give exactly 2048 in this example? I don’t see appropriate values at all. Help me to clarify, please.

I want to share with you a tool I developed to help us designers choosing fonts for our css stacks that are similar in aspect values and alphabet widths for a given font size.

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