Göran Söderström

Fountain – A Conversation With [Ep.1]: Göran Söderström

The first in a series of portraits, made for the Swedish type foundry Fountain, to showcase its type designers.

In March 2010 we packed our gear, and flew up to Stockholm to have a conversation with Göran about his typefaces and his thoughts on type design.


Also available on YouTube.

Fountain – A Friendly Type Foundry​.
Göran Söderström: http://tinyurl.com/​2cj8qpp​

FontFeed article: http://fontfeed.com/archives/fountain-a-conversation-with-goran-soderstrom/

I guess the subject line says it all. Before the weekend we released Meadow Condensed designed by Göran Söderström. A version that saves a little space but has the same character. Meadow Condensed works well on its own or as a family member. Character sets are identical, finish and quality is the same, it's just narrower to make room for more words.

Meadow Condensed is well suited for strong headlines all the way down to small size settings.

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