i need to find out the font in for this word

please help!!

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Jolly Rancher Font

Hey guys, I think this may be custom, but was wondering if anybody knew if there was a type close to the logo for Jolly Rancher.

Any help is appreciated,


I'm designing an identity for a small internet-based writing/blogging business run by four strong, yet fashionable women with great taste and I'm looking for some possible typeface suggestions for a logo.


I'm in the process of creating my own visual identity and am looking for any advice on how to proceed. Let me explain the project briefly. I've settled on a word mark built around an ambigram of my initials, A,B. The ambigram will serve as a watermark for my illustration work and acts as a distinct element - i'm not planning on keeping the wordmark and ambigram together in the final layout.

The ambigram is meant to resemble a percentage mark by joining the letter 'a' on top of the 'b'. The forward slash though is only at a 15 degree angle, so I'm wondering if it's enough to make it look like a percentage mark, not just a unified a+b.

I've never done anything like this before, but I want to learn as much as I can from this little project. I'm trying to come up with a nice handwritten-script logo for myself. I may end up using it, but I'm more interested in learning and practice at this point.

I'm anxious to hear your thoughts! I want to improve construction, flow, and consistency if possible (and I'm sure it is).


Hi folks,

I'm new on here so excuse any blunders or assumptions i might make in my plea for help. I've just finished designing a logo for a client and was just about to get started on some stationary as you do and realised I've been using the same set of fonts for way too long.

I'm asking for a bit of help with type selection to work as part of an identity, so initially stationary and a small brochure. The job is for a client who is about to open a Pilates studio on the UK's South coast. She's got uninterrupted views from the studio out to sea hence the concept for the logo.

I was looking for sans serif that wasn't too slight/condensed to compliment the curves of Hermes used in the logo. But I'm totally open to all suggestions, that's why I'm here.

Need help to identify the attached font.


i would like to present the current "Vinto Logo" to you & hear your comments on it.

The Vinto webapp is starting its closed beta pretty soon & I would like to anticipate your possible critique before we publish it.

Hi everyone!

I'm creating the branding for the 2011 KC Design Week festival. A very exciting project and I'm narrowing down to final concepts and could use some input.

In this case I'm mainly looking for which letters don't work. For example the first "S" in Kansas is just awful. Any others make you mad?

Ling Magazine redesign

Looking for the font of that logo. Seems simple enough, I guess, for people much better at this than I. Sorry there aren't more letters.

Hi there my idea generating forum friends,

I have a Physiotherapist who needs a logo for her upcoming website and business cards - starting to get more clients etc etc. After some brief discussion as to what the brand values / message should be, she wants simple, premium, friendly. It is based in a reasonably affluent town so the clientele would most likely be well-off (hence the premium aspect).

My worry is that it doesn't come across immediately as a 'Physiotherapist' but I was finding it hard to do this without resorting to glib, cliched hands, spines and muscle references, none of which really sum up physio. The curve of the 'A' is a subtle allusion to the spine but nothing more.

Hi everyone

I'm designing a logo for a company called Future Textiles Ltd. To give you a little overview of who they are but without boring you too much, heres a brief description:

Newly founded knitted products company Future Textiles Ltd is planning a future in technical textiles and is already developing and manufacturing products for healthcare and personal protective equipment (PPE) applications.

Caridade is a bold and powerful script face. It draws some inspiration from heavy brush drawn vintage hand lettering but its heavy weight is much thicker with plenty of impact and more contemporary letterforms. The face offers a wide array of weights, from the powerful Heavy weight to the graceful Thin.

Caridade can get the job done for many unique design tasks.

I have modified a font to create the logotype of a clothing accessories company that I'm starting. Some of the changes I've made was changing the "B" to look more like the "O" at the end so that the letter forms create almost a mirror symmetry (i.e. the F mimics the A, the U mimics the N, and the B mimics the O). Originally the B was not curved off as much as it is here. This, in comparison to the other letters made the B seem smaller and weaker. To compensate, I shortened the stem height of the U at the top and the F, A, and N at the bottoms. Based of a height of 72 points in illustrator, I reduced them by one point in one version and by 2 points in another. I'm really pulling hairs here, but thought I'd open it up to the community here to see if anyone had an opinion.

What is this font? I suspect some old Corel Draw pack,
but the closest I have found is Museo Sans.


I would like to ask a help in identifying font for a company logo.

It's done approximately 6 month ago and is a straight font. Have no clue whatsoever what kind of font or to which font family it belongs to but the owner of the company says that it is not a custom made font but the "designer" used some sort of font for it.

I'm also posting a picture of it.

Thanks a billion if someone can help!

Hi everybody,

I'm doing a favor for a friend of mine and, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished. His wife works for a doctor's office and they want to use their logo for a t-shirt; but all they have is an image embedded in a Microsoft Word document. Predictably, the t-shirt vendor is rejecting the artwork.

So since I'm their designer friend, they asked me for help – I don't know why the original designer couldn't be contact, but whatever. No good deed goes unpunished.

Anyway, I've got the whole thing figured out except for what face the words "Northern Arizona" are in.

Can you give me a hand?

So, I'm remaking this logo but need to know the name of the font used to create the original logo. I've included a snapshot of the typeface in the word "GRIP" to possibly help identify it. But I've also included the actual logo in how it was used. Any help would be greatly appreciated.!!!

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Script in Neon?

First of all, thanks in advance for any input you may have for me. I am new to Typhophile and I am having a bit of an internal struggle with the task in front of me!

I am working on some logo concepts for an outdoor nightclub. The major overriding condition is that it has to have a neon influence. That is not particularly taxing, however the client is quite convinced that the lettering should be in a script face. The face that my client prefers is Rapier.

I am working on a monogram style logo for a musician, and would like some comments to help me refine the lockup. The musician plays trumpet and also some other instruments, and is classically trained. He performs and teaches in classical and jazz improvisation styles. I wanted the mark to capture the elegance and sophistication of the music, and also fit in with something like a University setting. I am happy with the concept but the typography seems to be where I am having the most questions, but feel free to comment on any of it. Here is where I am with it so far:

Hey folks,

I’m working on a logo for an organisation called Food & Fitness that teach children aged 7-11 about healthy eating and exercise. The organisation is part of a company which promotes dairy products - this is why they have tried to replicate a milk bottle to be part of the scales in their current logo (if you can call it that).

The client would like a 'modernised' version of their logo - but I haven't quite nailed this as yet - Fitness is a longer word than Food so the words naturally look unbalanced and the scales have to be 'balanced' so that each word is of equal merit. So still pondering this one...


Can anybody help me with the name of this font?
I'm asked to reproduce the logo but (as you can imagine) don't want to start vectordrawing it from scratch.

Thank you!


The Netherlands

Seems like there are some pretty merciless critics here, so give it to me straight. This is my own job of the extra R swoosh. Any suggestions?


Three university courses will be united under the title 'B u c k s A d s c h o o l' and I've been commissioned to design the logo.

The client has asked for:
- a word marque
- that Bucks be incorporated (lowercase in Flux).

They like this one, but an informal internal review has resulted in mixed feedback. I won't mention what the comments yet – would like your input first. Since the review, I've been told I don't need to stick to Bucks in lowercase Flux and they'd like to see a 'normal' version (so no creative twist). If you need me to highlight the 'creative twist', let me know.

Many, many thanks!


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