Excoffon’s Calypso now free for download!

Hello everyone,

The book "Roger Excoffon, le gentleman de la typographie" is out now. You may order it directly at atelier Perrousseaux website:
or at Amazon.co.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Roger-Excoffon-gentleman-typographe-David/dp/291...

Hello everyone,
A brand new book will be released by Perrousseaux publishing on may 19th 2011 about RogerExcoffon, and it is available for preordering now (35 euros instead of 45).

Dear typophiles,
I'm very happy to announce you the forthcoming release of the new Bibliothèque typographique book,
‘Roger Excoffon et la fonderie Olive’
(S. Chamaret, J. Gineste, S. Morlighem)

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