Can you help identify the typefaces used for James Bond's obituary in Skyfall? More interested in the titling/header typeface, but would like to know both.

A 1080p Full HD version is at the 0:06 mark of this trailer:


It's got a bit of a Matrix Script vibe, but I can't find anything with that r in it.
Based on the context (a quick sale promo/CTA) it doesn't seem like it'd be a custom job.

Any thoughts? :)

Doing a business card for a winery. Problem is, no one knows what the font for the label is, and I'm having a really hard time figuring it out. They thought it was Garamond, but it clearly isn't (as far as I know).

They gave me the print file, but all the text was outlined, and it didn't have any font references anywhere.

The "U" is really throwing me off.

Any leads?

Thanks in advance!

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Petra Borner Serif Typeface


Anyone for this serif typeface?

This is the first real font I've ever designed and this is my project for my diploma. It's planned as a font for headlines and sub-headlines in a culture magazine (It doesn't necessarily have to work under 14p). I know that it has small serifs, but I decided to post it into the sans-serif forum nonetheless since I don't really know where to post it otherwise. It's not a serif font because there are only serifs at the bottom and not on every glyph.

I can't present much, I've just done the lower cases, but I hope that I'm going to get some useful feedback here in what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong.

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Serif font — display

Wondering what this font is?
Thanks in advance!


I am looking for the 2 typefaces used in these examples, the serif and the typewriter typefaces.
If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Thank you

Any help identifying this font (or a similar font!!!) would be much appreciated. I'm about to pull my hair out.

I'm recreating this logo for vector format. Please help me identify this font. The closest I've came up with is Adobe Caslon Pro - semibold. It's still not it. Any feedback would help. Thanks!

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Define the font, please

Anyone know what is this font? It looks like a Heron serif, but another letter G.

Worst business name and logo ever, but a client is a client. Need this asap. If you have this font you will know it for sure. Ive never seen anything this awful.

Thank-you and be well,

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! Would like to seek help in identifying the font in the attached image. The numbers are really cut in half as a design treatment, so that's all I can provide.

Appreciate your help! :) Thanks!

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Evanston Type Face

Can anyone tell me this typeface?

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Record Cover Font

Can you help me identify this grotesque?

Hi, hoping you might help identify this typeface...? Thanks in advance for any leads...

This is the full image here:

Hi everybody!

I'm a web designer learning to care more about type. I'm going to buy some serif fonts for use on websites. I've seen several by Dieter Hofrichter that seem to have an affordable price, a contemporary feel, good quality and will also look good in display sizes.

Given the list below, what you think the pros and cons of each might be compared to the others? Keep in mind that, although I'll be buying both a print and a webfont license, I'll mainly be using them for web sites. That includes body text at a 14-18px size.

At MyFonts
PDF at Hoftype


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Serif Font—Display

Wondering what this font is?
Thanks in advance!

I do not know the company or anything about the sports team. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi everyone!
Please give me a hand with identifying this serif font used by Friedrich Forssmann in the recently published book »Arno Schmidt in Hamburg« (Hoffmann und Campe, 978-3-455-40345-9, Screenshot from the publisher’s homepage attached to this posting. I feel it’s something between Garamond and Bembo, but what font exactly?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Does anyone know what this font face is for the headline "Natural Woman". I've tried lots of different fonts , like Baskerville, Benton, Miller etc but none seem to match up. Any idea?

Any idea what the two fonts are please? Thanks in advance.

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Mono-spaced serif

Dear philers,

can anyone enlighten me on the name of this one?

I've looked high and low. I have no idea what this font is.
Can anyone help?

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