Can anyone name this serif typeface?

Wedge serif that I'm totally stumped on. It was on the tip of my tongue and I've spent the last half-hour failing at this ID. Thanks in advance.


Does anybody know which typeface they might have used for this exhibition at Prado Museum in Madrid? I was thinking maybe some kind of Garamond, but I'm not sure.

Thanks a lot in advance.


I found this gorgeous font, and would appreciate any help in finding out it's name.
At first I thought it might be Eloquent by SJason Walcott, but can't seem to find a match.

Any ideas what typeface is used in the Man & Eve materials?
or something that is similar?


This looks like a font that I've seen so many times but that 't' doesn't really match with anything I know. Would like to use it for a logo I'm designing and that would be perfect.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


There are a lot of sans-serif fonts out there, many of which put "Sans" in the typeface name such as Calluna Sans, Deja Vu Sans, Gill Sans, Scala Sans, etc. Being a Canadian, sometimes I'm torn between saying /sænz/ in English or /sɑ̃/ in French. Which one???

I'm looking for typefaces similar to this engraved type in the New York Public Library.


I've tried the WhatTheFont site but it can't ID this font which I like a lot. Can anyone please help out?


Hi there,

I'm really needing to find out the font used for 'wedding' in this header for If anyone happens to know what it is, I'll be eternally grateful!

The header can also be found on this page:


I'm trying to ID this glyph serif typeface used on the EF 'Live the Language: London' commercial. (See attachments)
Any lead would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !


can i get some help for this quick ID:

Hey all,

Could someone please help me identify this font, or a similar one, I have seen a lot of this type of font being used and I really like it!

Many Thanks

Could anyone help me out with an ID of the new display serif (condensed) on the cover of the most recent NY Times Magazine? Thanks.

Anyone know the name of the font in blue? I can't find it to save my life...

You may recognize this as being the First Edition of Moby Dick printed in New York 1851. I am hoping to source typefaces that are from the period that have a very close DNA.

Monotype Modern seems like a logical relative but I cannot find anything condensed/compressed enough.

Your help on this is greatly appreciated.


P.S. Please omit the conjunction "OR," from your type identification.

P.P.S. My apologies if I am not using the word "Transitional" properly.

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Nice new serif...

Hello all,

I'd like to announce the release of the work-in-progress version of my new typeface, Otama. All thoughts and opinions are very much welcome and appreciated.

Free to download from



Hello everyone,

this is my first post here and i`m looking for the font(s) used on the cover.
I'm even not sure if the bigger one is that one for the details, too.

Thanks for any help or similar typefaces!


Hi everybody!
This is my first time posting here, so here it goes:
I'm looking for the original font of this logo.
At first sight to me it looks like a very badly treated Trajan - if you look at the detail you see that it even may be a "live-traced" version of the logo.

Can you help me out?
I tried recreating it with Trajan, but trajan seems to wide... (or too short) also, the serifs are different from (what is left of) the original serifs.

Thanks a lot! It got me puzzling...

Hey guys. I couldn't find a higher res version of this type. Any ideas what she is?


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Really need to identify this one
Thank you very much!

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ESPA logotype

Hi all,

Whatthefont came close, but I'm still at a loss to this one...

Any ideas very much appreciated!


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WTF (what the font?)

highlighted in yellow...a little help!

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