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I'm trying to ID this font. I ran it through WhatTheFont and it said the closest match was Saloon Girl from Font Mesa but Saloon Girl has these little nodes on the letters that the logo does not. I know it's possible that this could be a font that was taken and altered to create the logo but I was just curious if anyone had any suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance! =)

Could anyone help me with the name of this font?

This is the poster for the Graphic Design, Exhibiting, Curating
Conference of June 26, 2012

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Hi all - please help identify this font, i know i know it and it's driving me crazy!

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Italic Serif Font

Hi there!

Just wondering if anybody knows what this Italics Serif font is?


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Rounded Slab Serif

I know it's been a bit distorted but i'm hoping it's not too far off from the original.

Hello Typophiles!
We are proud to announce our new release!

"FENIX" by Fernando Díaz: a FREE typeface specially designed for display and long texts, it has it’s fundations based in calligraphy, with strong serifs, and rough strokes. Its proportions have an objective to gain space in height and width. Itís elegant at large sizes and legible at the same time, with a lot of rhythm in small sizes.

Can’t quite identify this one (attached below). I need to replicate this font, and I’m sure its staring me in the face, but I have to leave and come back to it. I’ve used Bookman Demi for a positional in the meantime, but the key difference is the sloped sides of the ‘M’.

Thanks again!


I have looked all over and cannot find an exact match for this typeface. The G and the ampersand are rather unique. Can anyone help?

Thanks for your efforts!

Does anyone know what the secondary font used in the Godiva logo is? The word "Godiva" seems to be Optima, but that is used for "Chocolatier"? Thanks!

Sintesi Sans scores because of its readability, robustness and contemporary style. Its is a true Sans Serif and therefore really flexible, universally applicable especially as a body text font and in a broad number of other applications.

Download the trial version of the font families Sintesi and Mimix for free:


Can anyone tell me what font is this?
In the case, the upper-case serif one.

It seems to have quite a nice variety of weights.


FF Tisa Sans is Slovenian designer Mitja Miklavčič’s follow-up typeface to FF Tisa. Whether used together or separately, both of his families are excellent choices for branding projects and complex editorial applications. The original FF Tisa is one of the new-millennium favorites in the FontFont library—known for its sturdy and friendly forms, hence its common use in newspapers and magazines.

I would appreciate any feedback on this font I am working on.

Thanks typophile!

I was wondering if this lettering is a font or based on a font.
Thanks in advance!

I have a screen printed t-shirt sample of this boat logo (see attached) and need to rebuild it. Looks like a pretty basic serif typeface, but I'm stumped on the "R" - anybody recognize this one?

I tried uploading this a couple times to What The Font, adjusting the contrast, but the site doesn't quite get it right. It keeps missing those left-facing serif’s on the R, A and P. Any ideas?

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Semi Serif typefaces

Hello, I am a Graphic Design student very interested in type design.

I have a question about semi serif typefaces. Is it up to the designers will to decide which serifs to remove or are there guidelines?

I am new to the forum so I am not sure if this is the right place for this thread. If this is not I will be glad to move it to the right place as long as someone notifies me about it. Thanks in advice.

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The Last Drop

Trying to identify the serif for LAST DROP

Hi there

Could anyone help me identify the font used in Klein Constantia? Traditional shadow with a shadow behind it.
Many thanks for your help.

Any idea what this font might be, or even what might be close to it? My client would like to use it as a logo, and I'd like to use the font elsewhere in his designs.

Does anyone recognize the serif font used in the body copy here?

Many thanks

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An Edwardian era font

I'm looking for a font from (or derived from) the Edwardian era - (Not the font, 'Edwardian' or Edwardian Script)
It must be...
Legible on HD res screen for relatively quick reading
Hint at Elegance and Romance without being overtly so
It could be either...
A font from that era
A contemporary interpretation derived from signage or calligraphy of the era.
Any advice would be gratefully received,

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