I want to know if any of you pros think free fonts are worth using.

I downloaded about 100 fonts from DaFont - the majority were poor; some were good; some were excellent. But according to some designers, free fonts never cut it.

What's your opinion on this? Is it nearly impossible to find good typefaces which are on par with commercial fonts, or not?

If anyone could put up links to good free font resources, I'd be grateful.

Anyway, I'm waiting for your responses.

Maybe I'm just using the wrong keywords, but I'm finding this surprisingly hard to find on Google. I'm hoping the Typophile think-tank can help point me in the right direction. :-)

We're rebranding a company that was founded in the early 19th century (yes, they're *that* old) in the United States, and we're trying to find authentic typefaces from the era, or modern reinterpretations that offer a comparable effect.

I don't know what the early 19th-century designers used, whether they were American typefaces or imported, but whatever was relatively common at the time for promotional materials, we're hoping to emulate as closely as reasonably possible.

Hi everybody!
I'm from Bulgaria.
Long time I've wanted to discuss the issue of neglected Cyrillic alphabet.

It's a kind of orphan at the moment. It was developed during the Medieval time in the Bulgarian kingdom. Following very close graphical characteristic of Greek alphabet, together with Latin, the new alphabet become third one from the same family. After Bulgaria was conquered from the Ottoman empire the development of this alphabet stopped. It was like that until 18th century, when Peter The Great of Russia decided to make some reforms in it. Some letters were disregarded, others emerged, third received graphical changes.Initially good, this Reform somehow made the gap between similar Greek and Latin grow bigger.

Good morning everyone.

I'm going to design a 12 pages newspaper – compact, 24*34cm, 9.4"*13" – for a not for profit organization. The association is devoted to the promotion of its territory: from conscious tourism to the preservation and valorisation of their local artistic and environmental heritage.

Being an organization funded by its own members, I have been asked to use only free or cheap typefaces.

I think I need a good sans serif, with a regular and condensed family, and a serif for body text. I'd like to have some personality on the pages, starting from typography, but I understand their budget issues.

Have you got any idea to spare with me? Thank you very much.

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the website and I've found all the information here very helpful. For my senior project I chose to design a typeface from scratch, and there are some technical issues that I am having. I am making an italic serif typeface in the old style/ transitional style. I've taken some inspiration from Giambattista Bodoni's Bodoni typeface, and it will be used for displays, pull quotes, and headers.

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Website Font?

Can somebody help me to ID the typefaces on their website: http://www.21storiesforscouts.org/

Thank you in advance,


Does anyone know the story behind this mistake?

Adobe’s first release of ITC Eras (version 1.000) was not slanted 2° as was intended by the type designers; Adobe fixed the mistake with version 1.001.

Does anyone have any similar examples of errors from major type foundries?

I am designing the graphic content of a small museum celebrating the Italian immigrant contribution to Australian culture. My clients want a very contemporary look. I wondered if other typophiles might be able to recommend any recent (post Novarese) type design work coming out of Italy that would be appropriate. I need display type and a type family for bigger blocks of information. Any assistance much appreciated.

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