Interesting quandry, wondering if anyone has experience with this:
I'm working on a projected infographic for an exhibition. Besides the many challenges around getting said projection to look great in a small 24x24' gallery, I'm having a hard time getting the type to look good. Are there specific typefaces that work well with projectors? Should I be looking for type that is optimized/hinted for older raster displays?
Apologies for my lack of proper terminology. I'm delving into unknown territory, personally.

Background on my setup:

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Hello everyone, this is my newest typeface that started as a Python script experiment and now transformed into a regular font family.

ION superfamily consists of 3 families — condensed (ION A), normal (ION B) and wide (ION C). The glyphs are based on the classic 7-segment display. Every ION family has a compelling range of 10 weights, supports more than 70 Latin-based languages and various OpenType features, including discretionary ligatures, fractions and stylistic sets. The family is completed with a special box-drawing font called Cells. See and read more at Urtd or go check it at MyFonts.

Thanks for your comments!

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