I would appreciate your recommendation for a typeface for a resume for a freelance management consultant that is well hinted for Mac and Windows, I might end using it for my reports too if it can be embed in Word. Currently I am using Georgia+Verdana for screen and document sharing as it is “standard” but I am considering investing on something more “exclusive”.

Thank you for your expert advice.

Regards, Carlos.

I am currently formatting my resume and was thinking about using Trade Gothic for headings and having the rest of the text in Mrs. Eaves. It looks good to my relatively untrained eye but I've noticed that usually it is suggested that Mrs. Eaves be paired with a geometrical sans serif. Is this a blasphemous combination or is it ok? Any suggestions and advice welcome!

hey, i am looking for a sans and a serif that go well together in a CV.

in , there is a pic of a great CV, and I designed mine accordingly. but I do not own freight, nor do I own any other font package that includes a sans and a serif designed to go together.

I tried Avenir for headlines with minion pro for body which was nice, but now I am looking for other possibilities.

Arial Narrow with Baskerville? I know I am supposed to despise Arial, but it is combined like this in a pages template (apple software...)

Myriad with Garamond (both Adobe, both Apple typefaces)? I don't like Myriad in a CV, it is too... soft?

What do you think?

Many thanks for your opinion in advance, this is my first post ever!

Can someone please read the Summary and Portfolio sections below and comment if they make any sense at all? This is for my friend's resume, she will be looking for freelance/contract font development projects.

(Hopefully I'm going to catch some attention before everyone sits down in a Dublin pub!)

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