Hi All.

Wondering if anyone has worked with a face similar to the copy reading "ing. c. oliveti e c., s. p. a."

I am not a designer. I use Open-Office.org as office suite on a Linux distribution (Fedora) and I need advice about fonts with "an above the average" default leading:

Most of the free fonts (SIL license) I have tried have a huge default leading (probably because of the numerous scripts they support, or the designer taste?).

I would like to know if setting a negative leading (e.g. line-spacing proportional=80%, or line-spacing fix=0.45 cm) in the paragraph style is custom practice or not? If it is not, I will search for other fonts with a "regular" default leading (well, I am used to increase the leading with traditional fonts).

Usage: writing reports to print on paper or pdf.

Thanks in advance.

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