san serif font


Can some one please help me identify this font?
I came across this font while reading a magazine.
I would really like to know what font it is.\
I've attached a photo of the font.


I am trying to identify the attached font image. The font appears to be a san serif font, but has some almost
serif-like characteristics, like the curve to the right of the "u". Note that the bottom of the "g" is curled, but open; and the top of the lowercase characters are chiseled/angled (most obvious e.g. the "i").

Thanks for any help in advance,

This is the font, Please help , have been really searching for it

I'm currently taking Typography Hierarchy at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City and was turned onto your site through my teacher. He challenged us to find something wonderful and at the same time irritating with type. So I remembered a book, The Bachman Books, to be precise that was very challenging to read because of the font. The book gives no indication of which font is used, but it makes the eyes very tired and distracted when reading. I was hoping maybe you would know which font it is or if it's simply a curling issue.

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Happy, clean san serif type

I'm doing a promotional mailer for my graphic design business. It has subtle humor in it. What would you suggest for happy, fun san-serif font? It has to also be clean, no gimmicky stuff.


I can't identify the san serif font in the attachment and I'm on a pretty tight deadline. I've tired fonts that appeared similar at first glance such as Avenir, Frutiger and Frankin Gothic but they were all slightly different when I took a closer look upon comparison. Can anyone help?!

Can anybody help me identify this font ? Its a modern san serif font, but can't find it in any font finder..maybe typophile will be able to help me...thanks in advance!

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