Beginner here, playing with font development tools. I made (so far as my skill is able) and released a font yon:

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As it says there, it is a "blend" of "Ubuntu Bold" and "Mr. Giacco Bold."

I welcome comments and feedback, as I'm curious what may need help with this. Although I probably wouldn't be able to implement feedback; my hope is that if anyone has a fancy for this, they'll use it as inspiration or a basis for something production-grade (whether it's usable for production, I have no idea).

All of the source files are in the .zip distribution archive yon; attached here is a (very many-page) .pdf sample, as well as a .png sample showing all the glyphs.


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Hello, i'm a russian blogger and developer. I want to make a review of fonts, targeted for software developers(using it in IDE, editors).
Due my location, i can't get a good information about best fonts(including proprietary fonts) for my work. Yes, my friends use fonts like Arial, Courier New, Liberation. It's so scary.
So, i want to find more information in asking of you, of professionals in fonts chosing :)
Now i'm scanning google in searching of better fonts(like monaco, incosolata etc), but all pages are old. Maybe, you can tell me something new about fonts for development?
I found alot of proprietary font, but i can't try it in my IDE(Eclipse and emacs). But, if i have a some more information about what fonts need to try - i'll buy it.

Would you have any advice on job search strategy for a professional font developer (15+ yrs of experience)?

Font design community is relatively small and personally I don't know much about it. Is freelancing common? Is technical font support done inhouse or outsourced? Does it make sense to look at large foundries or smaller independent shops?

The person in question does not design original fonts, she is font technical expert, knows all about font technologies of the last 15 years. (PS Type1, TrueType, OpenType, manual font hinting, kerning, bespoke fonts production, ClearType optimizations)

How do I to makret her services to the world?

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