Could any of you tell me which are these fonts the Duden 6 dictionary of pronunciation uses:



Hey guys. This is from a Latin-English dictionary from the 50s. I'm doing a business card for a friend and I want to use the two fonts in these entries. I need the bold one (the word) and the body font, just because I assume the body text is one font in both regular/book and italicized. Any ideas?

Hey guys,
Could you plz help me identify this font ?
I would really help me...
Thank you in advance

I was wondering if anyone knows of a dictionary/rule book to look up the correct spelling of words set in the Initial Teaching Alphabet.

I have tried contacting the Initial Teaching Alphabet Foundation (http://initialteachingalphabet.org) but had no reply.

Many thanks,

I'd like to know what font composes the main entries: dritta, dritto, drizzare, etc.

Thank you kindly!

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