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Cristoforo is a revival of some classic Victorian typefaces by Hermann Ihlenburg. It’s also known as the typeface of Call of Cthulhu, the H.P. Lovecraft roleplaying game, and as the original logo for Cracker Jack.

Might anyone have any idea how/where I could get help identifying in what year this ATF brochure was published? The back cover, pictured below, lists their offices, which, I would think, might help identify the year. Where would I find a chronology of what offices ATF had open in what cities for given years?

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ATF Slanted Roman Specimen

I thought I had a scan already, but I
can't find it, and time is running short...

I need a scan/photo (medium-res is fine)
from any circa turn-of-the-century ATF
catalog showing any of their slanted-Romans.
Please email me: hpapazian _at_ gmail _dot_ com

Fingers crossed...


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