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What are your thoughts on the ubiquity of fonts? Specifically fonts like Gotham and Proxima Nova, especially in recent years with the advent of web fonts. Can anyone use Gotham as an identity anymore? Has overuse on the web ruined these fonts? Proxima Nova is everywhere. As someone who is very interested in branding and how big a role a typeface plays into an identity I can't help but feel like Gotham on Proxima Nova are almost unusable.


I'm designing a trade paperback: it's approximately 200 pages with the title & headings set in Proxima Nova. The book is non-fiction and about progressive religion/spirituality.

Any ideas of a good body font to use? Something clean, modern, forward-looking and extremely readable. Thanks for your suggestions!

I'm working on a project that's using Proxima Nova for headlines, but I've been asked to find a complementary typeface for body copy that will be set as small as 12px. I'd just as soon as stick with PN, but I'm curious if there is something that's ideal for that setting?


Using Typekit, if that matters.

I thought it was Proxima Nova or several other close options but I cant seem to figure it out.

Can anyone help me ID this?



I am creating an identity for a web-designer
which audience are digital agencies, in-house advertising
departments, small and big companies.

For the logo I might use Proxima Nova. Which text
typeface would you pair it with, to use in resumes,
promotional material, etc.

Thanks in advance,


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