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Indices : Foundries : Fontcaster

A one person font foundry which has designed Rattlescript, released by FontFont, the Aptifer Sans and Aptifer Slab, released by Linotype, and Skilt Gothic released by Font Bureau.

Fontcaster is run by Mårten Thavenius.

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Typofonderie (formely Porchez Typofonderie) is an independent French digital type foundry started in 1994 by Jean François Porchez. He has designed such typefaces as Le Monde for the French newspaper of the same name, Ambroise based on the work of the Didots, Anisette, and Parisine. He also designed the Deréon typeface family for Beyonce Knowles' House of Deréon fashion line and Sabon Next for Linotype.
Since 2012, Typofonderie has started to release fonts by other designers than Jean-François Porchez, including Geneo by Stéphane Elbaz & Mislab by Xavier Dupré.

Delve Fonts

Indices : Foundries : Delve Fonts

Founded in 1996, Delve Fonts is an independent type foundry based in Alameda, California. Delve Fonts features an exclusive, acclaimed typeface library, which includes Helfa, Rieven Uncial, Uppercut Angle, Quara, Tilden Sans, and more.

Delve Fonts specializes in the design and production of fonts for mobile devices, development of custom font production tools; Design and production of non-latin fonts; OpenType Pro fonts with advanced features; and Logo development for corporate identity and branding purposes. The sole proprietor, Delve Withrington, draws from fifteen years of experience in typography.

Jakovlev Type Foundry

Indices : Foundries : Jakovlev Type Foundry

Personal foundry of Dmitry Jakovlev of Russia.



Indices : Foundries : LettError

Founded by Erik van Blokland and Just van Rossum.

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CakeType was founded in 2004 as an independent digital type foundry and is owned and operated by Pieter van Rosmalen. CakeType specializes in the design, production and distribution of original and high quality typefaces.

CakeType also offers the creation of custom typefaces, as well as the improvement and adaptation of existing typefaces. We have produced exclusive typefaces for Audi (in collaboration with Paul van der Laan), KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom) and the road signage in South Korea, amongst others, as well as the lettering for the KWF Kankerbestrijding logo and Bookedoo logos.


Indices : Terminology : End User License Agreement (EULA)

A legal document that outlines the licensing terms for a particular software. These terms usually list the manners in which the software may or may not be used. In regard to fonts, there are several common topics that foundries must consider allowing or disallowing. Among these are: Number of Output devices covered by license, server installation, back-up copies, embedding, distribution to a service bureau, modifications, transfer of license, &c.

For a detailed understanding of the issues surrounding EULAs for fonts, read Tiffany Wardle's article The Case for a User Friendly EULA.
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Indices: Foundries: NIMX

NIMX was the brainchild of Dallas-based designer Calvin Glenn. NIMX typefaces were distributed direct as well as through several prominent resellers such as Image Club, EyeWire, Adobe Studios and ITC. Calvin is currently the Marketing Manager at Oracle.

Altered Ego Fonts

Altered Ego Fonts is a division of Sooy+Co.

AEF sells their fonts through, FontShop, and

Retail library includes:
American Spirit
Eclectic Web
Eclectic Pixel Web
Lil Milton

Fonts sold through another foundry include:
ITC Coventry (ITC)
Adobe Verve (Adobe)
Arkeo (Bitstream)

Contact information:
Altered Ego Fonts
Tel 440 322 5142


Indices : Foundries : Typeco

Typeco is the digital type foundry for the designs of James Grieshaber. Typeco puts a modern spin on familiar concepts to create bold and versatile font families. Relevant type styles with a significant nod to the past.

Indices : Foundries : Characters Font Foundry

Founded by ReneVerkaart in 2004, Characters Font Foundry is an independent Dutch type foundry, designing and selling high quality public- and commisioned typefaces. CFF fonts have been used for corporate identities, websites and packaging.

Besides being a self-taught type designer, René Verkaart is the co-founder of Stoere Binken Design, a renowned Dutch graphic design studio based in Maastricht, The Netherlands.


Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Indices : Foundries : Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Since 1989, Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones have helped some of the world's foremost publications, corporations, and institutions develop their unique voice through typography. Their body of work includes some of the world's most famous designs, typefaces marked by both high performance and high style.

In 2004, the Hoefler Type Foundry entered its sixteenth year as Hoefler & Frere-Jones. H&FJ continues to work with brand leaders in every sector, developing original typefaces and licensing fonts from its library of nearly 1,000 designs, and it publishes fonts exclusively through its New York sales office and its web site at

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