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I want to edit an existing glyph in a advanced vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator. After editing complete in AI, I copy/paste the glyph into font editor back.

The bad thing is the editor has already lost information about the original size/placement of the glyph in the box. Thus, a human is obliged to reduce size and fix placement of each glyph manually and by eye.

Is there a way to avoid that monkey job?

Software tried: FOG5 + AI CS6

Andreas Stötzner's picture

Lindau released

I admitt, there are more ideas for fonts than time to always elaborate them to a whole family package. Usually, the ideas lay dormant in some hidden file for that reason, having little chance to see the light of the day. But sometimes I want to release the baby for I feel that it would be rather a pitty to ‘keep it imprisoned’. So I decided to release Lindau now, although it is such a “lonely child”. It may be of some usefulness, anyway.

Andreas Stötzner's picture

Excursions in sentimental type …

I’m pleased to announce two new single font releases.

Abendschroth is a dreamy and whimsical typeface for novel titlings and other fiction headline settings. Also a sophisticated choice for lullabies, girl’s literatur, murder poems, short stories and christmas gift books.

can u guys let me know what is the name of those fonts they wrote "JENNIFER LOPEZ" "LOVE DONT COST A THING"

Thnaks in advance

daianag's picture

Help, Please!

Please, i need some help in order to find the type in the image below...

I'm sure we're all bored to tears by now with those 'experimental sans' typefaces that flourished a year or two ago. Essentially they're taking naivist, vaguely Futura-esque geometric lettershapes and adding extra lines, disporportionate character extensions, strange glyph shapes and whatnot for the hell of it. The basic style is clearly still geometric, but the're a bunch of extra crap haphazardly thrown on, negating the original simplifying intent. (This distinguishes it from the actual experimentation Renner was doing with Futura, and from more traditional alternate and swash shapes that tend to emanate from varying the basic ideas of the skeleton itself.)

With font preference increasingly gravitating towards "rounder" and "friendlier" fonts, do you think the Gothics (News, Trade, ...) are "passé"? It's fascinating that even the corporate world is following the hype in an attempt to appear more accessible and humane, even when nothing in their culture changes.

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What's with the different Meliors?

I just looked at the different Melior fonts over at What's the difference between the "Melior Com" and "Melior Pro" and "Melior"? At Linotype there seems to be only one, yet all claim to be from Linotype?

We have a PowerPoint presentation built in PPT 2010 with Franklin Gothic Book throughout. When this deck is opened by users within our company that have Office 2013, PPT says the font is Franklin Gothic Book but the font appears different and as a result the formatting is off. Is Franklin Gothic Book missing from Office 2013? Should we pick a different font to ensure compatibility across different versions of Windows and Mac OS?

I'm designing a cover for a historical novel about Mary Todd Lincoln that begins after the Civil War (1865) and ends in 1880. I'm searching for a script and companion serif for the title/subtitle that suggests that period. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

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A reading test of sorts...

Could you please tell me what you read this as?



I'm working on a logo for an accounting firm that I'm using the font ANNONCE for the logotype part of it. I'd like to use a script for a monogram as a symbol to accompany it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Canada Type, the maker of Annonce, has some decent scripts to use with it, but I haven't seen anything I love yet. The letters in the monogram are H and G if that's helpful. Thanks!

I consider Brandon Grotesque for headlines on a website, but prefer to stay with light weights to make things look more fresh and contemporary. Brandon loses some of its character in light weight, when not paired with the brilliant heavier weights, and most people wouldn't probably distinguish it then form a plain Lato. For light weight, I think Futura for instance, works better, as LV do on their website.

Any opinions on this?

Hello everyone,

I'm designing a website for a company and their logo uses Eurostile LT Pro Bold Extended #2. I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to what font to choose to compliment the logo, when I'm aiming for a modern/clean look of the website.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day,

Hi everyone!

My question: What’s the correct spacing for dates like "c. 1748" in English typography?

I’m talking about British English, Akzidenz Grotesk font, InDesign, and "c" is italicized. The editor suggests no spacing at all, which looks odd to me (but I’m German, so what do I know) and gives me trouble with the large amount of space around Akzidenz Grotesk’s figure "1" (that is, "c.1077" and "c.908" look wildly different in spacing when set without any space at all).

Thanks for letting me know about your take on this.

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Hanx Writer

For those who miss old-fashioned typewriters, actor Tom Hanks has created the iPad app Hanx Writer. It recreates the sound, carriage returns, and other aspects of typewriters. Text can be copied and pasted. It's rather nice.

The app is free, but you can make optional in-app purchases of other typewriter fonts, different colored ribbons, etc.

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Some help, please

Please, i need some help in order to find the type in the image below... Many thanks!!!

I have to recreate this sign from scratch. Can someone tell me the fonts that are the closest match here?


hey guys,
i'm designing a psychedelic logo for a band and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for which typeface will compliment for the lyric sheet?

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