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Hi, Does anyone have a suggestion for a good sans serif font to pair with IM Fell? Overall look I'm going for is a bit of an old worldish feel. Thanks!


I've just released Madre Script


Marconi Lima | TpF

Setup:Mac OS X10.9.5,default system font:Lucida Grande

Problem:How to modify the system default font?

1.I know that Yosemite with helvetica neue will come soon,but I can't wait for one more month.

2.I have tried tinkertool which can't change the font of menubar.



I'm doing a research about small typefaces.
In my study I need to compare some typefaces (the word "Hamburgevons1268") that are not for sale like Retina (Hoefler & Frere-Jones) and telefont (Martin Majoor).
Does anyone here has some refences on these typefaces (outside from what is online)?
I can't find a contact for Martin Majoor...

Thank you in advance.

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Font type

I have problem identifying the font type in the image attached.

Appreciate if any can help.

I denna Corliss Institute grupp översyn får huvudsaken man inte misslyckas att uppskatta är den hemtrevliga karaktären av webbplatsen. Corliss Institutets logotyp ensam skildrar två rörliga händer kommer tillsammans I en stiliserad spänne som visas också så mycket som en grupp människor dans i firandet. Titta på bilderna på hemsidan också en översikt över typ av arbete Institutet gör räkning individer och familjer serveras i Warren, RI.

En snabb titt sedan på hemsidan sammanfattar vad Corliss Institute, Inc. bedriver, en 501(c)(3) ideell, community-baserade byrån som tillhandahåller tjänster för vuxna med utvecklings- och andra former av funktionshinder. Corliss tävlar om skötsel för döva eller personer med hörselnedsättning och/eller de med varierande kommunikationssätten.

Recent video just made on the spirit of letter carving, where I discuss lettering in stone with particular reference to memorials and the importance of detail. This video gives you an insight into the techniques and discipline involved in letter cutting in stone. For more information and to see the full transcript visit or for a trailer of the video visit

video | Stoneletters

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Dlig format specification

Where can I find specefications for the dlig and clig formats?

Hi all.
Recently I’ve switched to proportional fonts for programming, and have been looking for font choices, but find I’m missing some vocabulary.

There was a post on variable width fonts for coding here:
But aside from a few choices, I couldn't glean how to look for good fonts.

Here are the characteristics I’m looking for:
0 - The font needs to work well at small sizes and coarse resolutions.
1 - The lowercase L and number 1, as well as capital i, need to be distinct at small sizes. Same with zero and o (upper and lowercase).
2 - Punctuation needs to be prominent. A period and a comma mustn’t be confused. Same with primes and hatches. (Helvetica and Fira Sans crash and burn here).

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Type-related Interships?

I am just a design student at my Sophomore year. I've spent my summer with a letterprint artist and had made my own prints. School program offers too few opportunities to learn actual type (other than some basic Bringhurst and Swiss people) so I'm thinking applying for type-related internships, whether they be inside US or outside US (Europe or Japan...?) I'm thinking it would be optimal to work for a production type designer or a design company.

Any recommendations for internship-searching?

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Too Much Spam

Here we go again with the spammers taking over our forums - who is watching the store - this almost killed this board off the last time. Help!

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Any idea what font is that?

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message about ADF fonts

hi to all

I would like first to be excuse about my bad english. But, I know that genthemen you are will do this...

I wanted to write here about ADF fonts, in order to answer to so many mails I received and to close, clarify some bad songs I can read from some who think better me what ADF fonts are. I hope that your contacts shoud make the rest...

For the presentation, I'm 48 year's old, maried with three children, my suns. I come from the print and desktop publishing, this explains, maybe, all my stuff.

Very stumped at this moment. I need idea's on a font that would compliment this logo.

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