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Good evening to all...

Fell in love with the font Campton... Any recommendation from anyone on other fonts Campton Could be paired with?
Truly appreciate your input!


Can anyone recommend a typeface or font that is similar to the attached image:

Here's a link to more info and images related to the font:

Thank you.

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Typeface Halloween costumes

Some design friends are floating the idea of doing a group costume where everyone dresses up as a font. It's pretty open -- it doesn't have to include the font itself, just represent it in some way. So a gothic script might put on a lot of eyeliner and dress like they listen to the Cure a lot, or Comic Sans could dress as a character from a comic strip.

I just thought it was a clever idea and wanted to pass it along here. Happy autumn!

The Anglo-American typewriter pitches of Pica (10 characters per inch) and Elite (12 cpi) have as their common factor 1/60 of an inch.

An Anglo-American printer's point is approximately 1/72", and so a laser printer with a resolution of 360 dots per inch can produce Pica and Elite typewritten pages and also handle printer's points except for the small discrepancy for scale.

Autologic made a laser printer for typesetting use which, instead of having a resolution of 720 dpi, had one of 723 dpi, thus reflecting the fact that a printer's point is actually slightly smaller than 1/72".

Lucky me. I came home from vacation last spring to find a letter from the IRS alerting me that they were auditing my 2011 tax return--specifically, my Schedule C (profit or loss from business).

No problem! I thought. I'm honest and organized.

Ha! Although my intentions are honorable, I do make mistakes. And it turns out my organizational system--dumping all my tax documents from the past decade into a big box--left much to be desired.

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Font Development

Hi all,

I'm new here and was advised by one of the many cloaked font enthusiasts to post my question here, so here goes.

I do an awful lot of graphic design for breweries, one of which has won me an award (about the only thing I've ever won in my life, but there you go).

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String Calligrapht

Hi everybody,

Can anyone tell me what calligraphic font is used here?
Really need to know.

Thanks !

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Font development

Hi all,

I'm new here and was advised by one of the many cloaked font enthusiasts to post my question here, so here goes.

I do an awful lot of graphic design for breweries, one of which has won me an award (about the only thing I've ever won in my life, but there you go).

Hello Everyone,

I'm a Graphic Designer learning new skills in typography and type design. Actually I'm about to design my first typeface. I have a rough idea. But I'm stuck at making decision on the character set that I want to cover. What character set should I cover? I'm pretty confident I want to cover all (ALL) Latin scripts. Nothing non-latin for starters. And no specials such as phonetics etc. But I would like say SmallCaps etc. I'm just confused. Can someone tell me how to go about it? How to choose which character ranges I need to include?

(I have FontLab Studio 5.1.2 on Mac)

Thanks a lot for help!

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Could anyone help with an alternative to the attached chancery style--without the hand-done quality? My client likes this exact style a lot but does not like the "deconstruction".
Unfortunately I need the "F" and the "h" to be very similar to this style, and I cannot for the life of me seem to find one. Either the swash is too swashy, or not swashy enough. Or the chancery style is not there. Poetica is close, but not similar enough for the client. Part of my trouble is many "F"s begin to look like "J"s when swashes are involved.

MANY MANY THANKS in advance!

Hi Everyone. I'm a bit confused with Lucida Sans.
Recently I picked that font for a client, and I am not sure of the difference between Lucida Sans, Lucida Grande and Lucida Sans Unicode in a function sort of way.
Is it necessary that I tell my client to use one font if he uses a PC (Sans Unicode) or a mac (Grande)?

EK Latin and Ek Devanagari are Open Source now and available under the name Ek Mukta on Google fonts.

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Hello :)
I am rebranding myself as I am going freelance in 3 weeks.
I am looking for a combination of fonts for my new website.
I love the font Simplifica:
but it only has one weight (light). Do you know of a nice font that would go with it for titles. I thought of Serifa but not quite right, its a bit too harsh but something along those lines. Or nexa slab.
thanks so much for your help.


Hi everyone!

I am struggling to find a good pair for Ratio type that I use for body (I use typekit so I'm constrained here). I would like something in headings to complement Ratio.

Adelle seems to be fine for headings. Rooney Web seems to play nicely too. I have also tried Jubilat in heavier weights (even italics) and seems to be... ok.

What do you think about these combinations? Any suggestions?


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I’m finally reading The Elements of Typographic Style. In §3.2.1, the author says that text figures should always be used outside of full-caps environments.

To me, this makes complete sense for typeface styles in the eighteenth century and before, as well as for many modern revival typefaces. I was wondering if there is any disagreement with this piece of advice for particular styles of typefaces. I’m thinking of Modern faces (like Didot), some Transitional faces (Baskerville) and especially certain sans faces. It seems wrong to foist the typographic convention of non-lining figures, long-standing as it is, onto modern styles of type for which geometric rationality is paramount.

Hi there, I'm new in this forum as well as in typography world.
I'm just finding it a bit complicated to classify fonts the right way. What I know is that what makes a transitional font is the vertical stress, the stronger contrasts between thin and thick lines, and that what makes an old style is the calligraphic reference. That said I can state quite easily that Garamond is an old style font and Times New Roman is a transitional, but how can I recognize the differences between a Caslon (old style) and a Baskerville (transitional)? These two look pretty similar to me.

I have a strange problem with one of my fonts - descenders are clipping on Win / Publisher 2013 & Wordpad at least. I can't duplicate the problem by myself on any of my programs on Mac.
I've had some clipping issues sometimes before with fonts exceeding the UPM but now the strange thing is that the font gets clipped directly under baseline?!

Any idea what's this about?

This talk lacks a proper introduction, but things become clearer and more fascinating for us type designers as you watch.

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