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I apologize if this has been asked before – in which case I would ask for a link to the topic – but can you recommend typefaces which feature especially beautiful numerals? In this case I'm not interested in the letters so numerals-only typefaces would suffice. I have no restrictions on what beauty entices in this case. I'm just curious as to what's out there when it comes to numerals.

does anybody know what font the Club Monaco logo?

I notice a lot of animosity against these popular fonts.

Should Times New Roman and Arial be removed from Microsoft Windows? Would that even be possible?

Possessing basic money-handling and income-generating skills is important, especially with the economic crunch affecting big and small countries all over the world. The proverbial though blasphemous adage has never been truer than today: Money makes the world go round. And for thousands, it is a literal reality, as their hope of seeing another day becomes dimmer with each meal they miss.

But for the ordinary worker who gets a regular pay check each week or each month, having enough knowledge about money and how to make it work and multiply can spell the difference between a world one wants to keep going around or to make it stop so one can jump out.

¶ While reading again Fred Smeijers' Counterpunch, the author stated that the humanistic writing was a philosophical trend and therefore an artificial form of writing by breaking a cycle and by returning to an ancient era. You may assert that the humanistic writing was the first attempt of post-modernism.

1. Was there another post-modernistic attempt before the·Quattrocento·with a breaking point?

2. How would you consider William Morris' typographic leaning of going back to the humanistic origin? The second post-modernistic attempt?

Is there anyone to use this font without the 'Lao' scripture being incorporated into it. I basically just want to use the font attached here.


Hi forum,

I have created some black and white simple icons using Adobe Illustrator and wonder what options, preferably free, are out there for creating a font with these icons.

Som långivere har strammet restriktioner for sikring af realkreditlån, har homebuyers været tvunget til at udvide deres muligheder for at medtage ikke-traditionelle finansieringskilder. Realisere dette, er flere svindel opstået at målet desperate låntagere. Manglende evne til at undgå disse scams kunne resultere i et hjem at være afskærmet, bøder opkræves eller kriminelle afgifter.

Før du hovedet ud på jagt efter dit næste boliglån, beskytte dig selv ved at lære så meget som muligt om svindel i øjeblikket cirkulerer. Ved at læse op på de følgende moderne lån svindel, vil du være parat til at se tegn på en potentiel fidus, før det er for sent.

Svigagtig anvendelse

Holde fokus på kjøp

THUNDER BAY-penger-boligmarkedet er varmt, delvis grunnet lave renter og boliger som var lav i mange år. Gitt at kjøp av et hjem er vanligvis det største kjøpet vil gjøre i livet, kan hoppe inn i markedet og konkurrerer mot andre aggressive bud være skremmende. Siste noen ønsker når du kjøper et hjem eller eiendom å angrer etterpå, spesielt for de første gang hjemme kjøperne. Her er noen tips for å vurdere for første gang hjemme kjøpere.

Sørg for å få pre-godkjent

If there is an area which changes rapidly by the day, it is technology and as it is now applied in information and communication tools as the Internet, smartphones, TV and radio.

A few years back, people depended solely on the land phone to get in touch with others. Today, things are much faster and more personal with video-chatting and real-time interaction through short-messaging. What more innovation can we achieve beyond these conveniences we enjoy today? What are the expected innovations in IT and Internet technology?

Here is a couple of some deliciously good news:

Internet-capable mobile devices are definitely in for good

I stumbled over a link to some specimens of this typeface called Apollo. I like the quirks that sets it apart from similar faces, the C in particular, with the top terminal cut horizontally and the bottom terminal cut at an angle. Has this typeface ever been digitized or revived under another name? I hadn’t heard of it before.

¶ I'd like to know if the Haultin typeface is commercially-available. The second edition of Counterpunch (2011) was set with that newly-designed typeface.
Any news?

I’m working on a book that is made up of articles written by different authors. Some use British English, and some use American English. I’m following Chicago Manual of Style (with some exceptions: en dashes, and disregarding the period/comma-quotation convention). I wonder if it would be advisable to keep the British English spelling, but format it according to CMS, or to format the BE articles differently.

I also have the option to translate BE articles. I think that may be the best solution, but I’m running into issue with some names. For example, one of the subjects discussed is something called the Green Education Programme. Would it be ok to change “Programme” to “Program” in this case? And what about quotes using the word “programme”?

I'm sure we're all bored to tears by now with those 'experimental sans' typefaces that flourished a year or two ago. Essentially they're taking naivist, vaguely Futura-esque geometric lettershapes and adding extra lines, disporportionate character extensions, strange glyph shapes and whatnot for the hell of it. The basic style is clearly still geometric, but the're a bunch of extra crap haphazardly thrown on, negating the original simplifying intent. (This distinguishes it from the actual experimentation Renner was doing with Futura, and from more traditional alternate and swash shapes that tend to emanate from varying the basic ideas of the skeleton itself.)

With font preference increasingly gravitating towards "rounder" and "friendlier" fonts, do you think the Gothics (News, Trade, ...) are "passé"? It's fascinating that even the corporate world is following the hype in an attempt to appear more accessible and humane, even when nothing in their culture changes.

We have a PowerPoint presentation built in PPT 2010 with Franklin Gothic Book throughout. When this deck is opened by users within our company that have Office 2013, PPT says the font is Franklin Gothic Book but the font appears different and as a result the formatting is off. Is Franklin Gothic Book missing from Office 2013? Should we pick a different font to ensure compatibility across different versions of Windows and Mac OS?

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A reading test of sorts...

Could you please tell me what you read this as?


I consider Brandon Grotesque for headlines on a website, but prefer to stay with light weights to make things look more fresh and contemporary. Brandon loses some of its character in light weight, when not paired with the brilliant heavier weights, and most people wouldn't probably distinguish it then form a plain Lato. For light weight, I think Futura for instance, works better, as LV do on their website.

Any opinions on this?

Hi everyone!

My question: What’s the correct spacing for dates like "c. 1748" in English typography?

I’m talking about British English, Akzidenz Grotesk font, InDesign, and "c" is italicized. The editor suggests no spacing at all, which looks odd to me (but I’m German, so what do I know) and gives me trouble with the large amount of space around Akzidenz Grotesk’s figure "1" (that is, "c.1077" and "c.908" look wildly different in spacing when set without any space at all).

Thanks for letting me know about your take on this.

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Hanx Writer

For those who miss old-fashioned typewriters, actor Tom Hanks has created the iPad app Hanx Writer. It recreates the sound, carriage returns, and other aspects of typewriters. Text can be copied and pasted. It's rather nice.

The app is free, but you can make optional in-app purchases of other typewriter fonts, different colored ribbons, etc.

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Love Letters

...just another comic appropriation.

...but not sure what the preferred method is here since a .ttf file isn't one of the formats supported for attachments. Could someone enlighten me, please?

MyFonts have a 30 days trial service for any font. I'd like to know if you can try several fonts at once on a website. I'm trying it, but only one font is working.

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Falling into the free font trap

This probably has a very easy answer but I don't have a solution and would love one. I always fall into the trap of unpaid fonts for clients, as I need to present the font within my designed styleframe and I can't option this with paid fonts. Sometimes I've used the character generator, taken a screen grab, pulled a luma key... but it's clunky and doesn't look great and not always workable. I'd love to offer paid fonts to clients but I can't afford to pay for a bunch at risk of them not being accepted... Surely other designers face this problem, or am I missing an easy workaround??

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