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A reading test of sorts...

Could you please tell me what you read this as?


I consider Brandon Grotesque for headlines on a website, but prefer to stay with light weights to make things look more fresh and contemporary. Brandon loses some of its character in light weight, when not paired with the brilliant heavier weights, and most people wouldn't probably distinguish it then form a plain Lato. For light weight, I think Futura for instance, works better, as LV do on their website.

Any opinions on this?

Hi everyone!

My question: What’s the correct spacing for dates like "c. 1748" in English typography?

I’m talking about British English, Akzidenz Grotesk font, InDesign, and "c" is italicized. The editor suggests no spacing at all, which looks odd to me (but I’m German, so what do I know) and gives me trouble with the large amount of space around Akzidenz Grotesk’s figure "1" (that is, "c.1077" and "c.908" look wildly different in spacing when set without any space at all).

Thanks for letting me know about your take on this.

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Hanx Writer

For those who miss old-fashioned typewriters, actor Tom Hanks has created the iPad app Hanx Writer. It recreates the sound, carriage returns, and other aspects of typewriters. Text can be copied and pasted. It's rather nice.

The app is free, but you can make optional in-app purchases of other typewriter fonts, different colored ribbons, etc.

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Love Letters

...just another comic appropriation.

...but not sure what the preferred method is here since a .ttf file isn't one of the formats supported for attachments. Could someone enlighten me, please?

MyFonts have a 30 days trial service for any font. I'd like to know if you can try several fonts at once on a website. I'm trying it, but only one font is working.

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Falling into the free font trap

This probably has a very easy answer but I don't have a solution and would love one. I always fall into the trap of unpaid fonts for clients, as I need to present the font within my designed styleframe and I can't option this with paid fonts. Sometimes I've used the character generator, taken a screen grab, pulled a luma key... but it's clunky and doesn't look great and not always workable. I'd love to offer paid fonts to clients but I can't afford to pay for a bunch at risk of them not being accepted... Surely other designers face this problem, or am I missing an easy workaround??

Hi typophiles! I am doing a massive history paper on typography during the 19th century. There was a lot of innovation in the typographic in this period due to the new demand and ability of the industrial revolution, including the creation of the first slab serif and sans serif fonts.

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Serif designed by female

Hi all, I'm looking for a serif (better not be slab or anything too modern) that is designed by a woman. Or at least its design process should include a woman.

Currently I have found Mrs. Eaves (which we don't want for its poor on-screen performance), JAF Garamond (co-designed by Shoko Mugikara and Tim Ahrens, but it is, alas, unreleased), and MVB Verdigris (designed by a male, and the font file is produced by a woman). Any suggestions?

I am trying to pair a "play button" with type running at a 30 degree angle. After searching online for a while I thought I would ask you all.

I am looking for 30 degree angle modern italic sans (like gotham light, brandon light).

Attached sketch of what I am looking for.


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Expert opinion needed

I can take my own guesses, but I am looking for an expert opinion on which font is closer (dimension wise only) to Myriad Web Pro: Verdana or Arial. I understand Verdana displays better on screen, but I need to put that aside and have a comparison strictly on the basis of metrics:

Is Verdana or Arial closer to Myriad Web Pro in terms of sizing?

Thank you

I’m having a Fontlab 5.1 issue some of your old hats will probably laugh about. It seems so silly, but I cannot figure this out. Since yesterday the glyphs of my font project, the outlines, have become unresponsive to clicking on them. I cannot select the outline, activate points, nothing. I can select layers, I can turn them off and on, visibility and all. I can select glyphs in the map. I can write in both, preview and the metrics window. Everything else works, except for selecting an outline in any layer (in mask it doesn’t work either).

Hey guys!

I’m currently working on branding for an Asian city and I imagine the wordmark to have a modern, Western-friendly appeal, but with a subtle Asian warmth and sharpness to it.

ITC Symbol Std has caught my attention so far, but I’m really not comfortable with the varying thickness of the stems and the loops. Also, the thicker weights look nice but when it comes down to the lighter weights, the typeface looks odd.

I have also found Penumbra to be appealing although I wish it had more subtle serifs and available lowercase letters for the wordmark I’m designing.

Hi typohiles,

I'm considering buying the full Minion Pro Opticals font package. However, looking at offerings form different foundries, prices seem to differ quite drastically, e.g., Adobe wants 350,00 € while FontShop only charges 233 €.

So, what's the reason for such huge differences? Is it just competition or are there actual differences in the font quality/version/features? Or might it be due to different licensing conditions?

I hope someone can shed some light on this, since I really would not like to spend such money on a lower quality font or something like that...


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Typophile logo

I already know that the Typophile logo is set in La Portenia, designed by one of my favorite foundries, Sudtipos:

My questions are:
1) Who customized it (t, i, and l)?
2) What led to the tight crop?
3) Isn't it time to let go of the "temp" violator and to carry the branding over to the Twitter page?

Moderators (or others in the know), thanks for your consideration....

What is your opinion? I believe it would be rather tacky if all logo's should literally communicate what they sell.

Can you see on these logo's that sells Italian shoes and, luxury holidays? Nevertheless they are successful brands. Rossetti communicates timeless style, Black Tomato unconventional experiences. That's enough, no?

Im young graphic designer from czech and im wanted some TYPEFACE ID...

Im totaly love this poster (by experimetal jetset without helvetice, super!), and im looking for this typeface, maybe its notoriously familiar but i dont know it.
So please help me.

Greetings! Trying to figure something out and google isn't coming up with any quick answers - then again, I might not be using the right terminology to search...

I'm trying to figure out how to do something with long lists of names in donor / annual reports. Say one of the list entries is very long and is going to take up several lines. How do I make all the lines after first line of that entry tab over a certain amount?

My apologies - the explanation is probably lacking. Any help would be greatly appreciated and obviously be a huge time saver. Thanks!

Ok, so Gill Sans is one of those great but overused fonts. How to avoid being one of the abusers? Where do you think Gill Sans still feels authentic? Would that be all things über-British (plus, premium and understated), period?

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Proxima Nova+Akzidenz G. has been using this combination for a while: Proxima for headlines, Akzidenz for text. What do you think of this combination? Also , why do they switch to Arial+Helvetica in the company menu? If you're paying for webfonts, which make Bloomberg stand out against more traditional competitors, why not use them.

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I'm trying to make a very specific type ID on a very notable identity. The identity was done on a Compugraphic Editwriter 7500. Is there a list somewhere of the fonts that came stock? I'm mostly interested in something like a Bodoni Poster Compressed.

I'm typesetting a text for a friend: a translation of a Latin text which has quite a few large notes in Classical Greek. I'm thinking about buying Garamond Premier Pro (which I've used before and really like), but first I wanted to see if someone here has other suggestions of nice serif fonts with a good polytonic Greek character set.

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