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Amusing Web Site

This page:

illustrates typefaces available with a certain brand of car from China.

However, the typeface they call "Times" is really ITC Bookman - with a rather unique Q.

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What to pair with Saissant?

Hi All,
Saissant from Magpie Paper Works is perfect for the Logo I am creating but I cannot find something that pairs well with it for my tagline. Help! Thank you!

There's this guy with the name of S. B. R. E. Brown who reviews flexible nib pens. I haven't heard of Greek using this type of pen.
Greek users, is his work legit for you guys?

In many calligraphic books, I see Greek only using a broadnib pen.

I recently picked up a small booklet of "Intertype Gothics" that shows two sizes (36 pt. and 42 pt.) of a face called "Spike Gothic."

Can anyone give me more information about it? I've never seen it before and would like to know more about it. Any digital versions? A quick Google search didn't turn up anything.


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CSS font stack for eBook body copy

I’m making an EPUB and need to specify a reasonable cross-platform font stack for on-screen reading. There are some examples online and even here on Typophile but they’re from a few years ago. Meanwhile there have been some font additions to both Windows and Mac, so I’d be grateful if someone could take a look at these lists and pick the suitable typefaces.

Mavericks / new only
iOS 7
Windows 8

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Einaudi Garamond Pro

Einaudi Garamond Pro is the text typeface currently used by Italian publisher Einaudi. Of course, it is a custom typeface, not available to the public. But I really love it!

Can you suggest a commercial typeface similar to this jewel? At the moment the only alternative I know is Simoncini Garamond.


I may be missing the obvious here but,
is it possible to receive a notification to your email when someone replies to a thread you've posted.
Or is it possible to subscribe to a thread you've made a comment on, and a notification to your email ?

I've never known a forum that doesn't have that option.

What are your thoughts on the ubiquity of fonts? Specifically fonts like Gotham and Proxima Nova, especially in recent years with the advent of web fonts. Can anyone use Gotham as an identity anymore? Has overuse on the web ruined these fonts? Proxima Nova is everywhere. As someone who is very interested in branding and how big a role a typeface plays into an identity I can't help but feel like Gotham on Proxima Nova are almost unusable.


I know this sounds dumb, but how can I access my private messages.
I'm particularly looking for the sent items.

I've been through everything, and it's probably staring at me, but I'm blind to it.
I can't find it anywhere.

I have created an OpenType font of symbol characters in Fontographer, some glyphs of which are quite long. The font loads into FontExplorer on a Mac, and works perfectly in InDesign. However MS Word will not load the font, although if I copy and paste from InDesign it works OK, and reappears after quitting and reopening the Word file.

There also appears to be a limit on how wide a character can be, as after typing some of the characters, the cursor sits within the character such that the next character overlaps and cannot be seen.

Two problems then:

Maximum width of glyph?
Why doesn't Word like it?

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Probably asked before, but

What is the difference in:
• Times
• Times LT Std
• Times New Roman
• Times New Roman MT Std

I have all four, and want to trash unnecessary fonts. Would I want all four, and why if so?

This just announced, look like an amazing amount of work went into it:

I made a tool to list and organize fonts online.
It can be used to share references with co-workers or students, to make a foundry portfolio, or as a private tool.
You can download, modify and contribute to ofont on GitHub.
You can see ofont in use here, in a project that lists libre fonts I like.
Ofont is still in development. You can submit features on the issues page.

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A case of typeface OCD?

Currently my favourite MS Office font is Century Schoolbook. For some reason I fear the font will stop being supplied with future versions of MS Office. There is no reason why that should ever happen, but I can't help the thought.

Does anyone else have a similar fear? Otherwise it really must be a case of OCD...

On Sale now at Creative Market:
If you are a Graphic or Type Designer you may be interested in these actions I wrote for Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic Designers will benefit from the ease of use of Old Stocks Actions. Complex effects can be effortlessly produced in record time. This offers the Graphic Designer a wide array of effects for their logos and layouts.

Type Designers- Type Designers can use Old Stock's Actions to add drop shadows and fills to their new or existing typefaces. Every Action is vectorized and separated for ease of use. Old Stock does all of the hard work for you!

I’m currently researching into how meaning has been embodied into typeface designs. I’m looking for typefaces which have an extensive and purposeful meaning behind their designs. Sufficient enough to write a thousand words about.

I need six case studies in total, so far I have Times New Roman, Capitolium, Johnston and Quantange. All of which I believe have enough existing research and theories into why and how they have been designed in the way they were. Ideally I need two more.

I posted a brief similar question to this many months back during my initial research phase. I was sent in the direction of Nick Shinn and Jeremy Tankard’s work, and FUSE, and they all really helped a lot.

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Unicode question (U+0315)

I'm wondering if anyone know the intended use of U+0315, called COMBINING COMMA ABOVE RIGHT. Is this glyph intended to be used to represent ejectives/implosives in languages which use an apostrophe to indicate glottalization, or is it intended to represent the alternate form of the haček found in pairs like Ď ~ ď? While the former will always resemble the apostrophe, the latter can differ significantly depending on typeface, so I'm wondering which form should ideally be used.


¶ I am currently studying the style of the latest typefaces produced in Switzerland. I wish to know other foundries from that country. Thanks in advance.

¶ Here's my selection:
• Optimo
• Swisstypefaces
• Lineto
• Binnenland
• Dinamo
• EuropaType
• Fatype
• Grilli Type
• Letterwerk
• Luzi Type
• MilieuGrotesque
• Nouvelle Noire

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Guerlain Typeface

Hi everyone!
Does anyone knows which typeface is used in this product of Guerlain? (la petite robe noire)
And about thei logo, do you think is a combination of a typeface or not?

Is it just me or is there something wrong with the type used in this journal? I'd like to send them a note, but don't know how to put it in words. The lines look irregular, both vertically and horizontally to me, but maybe it is just that the column is too narrow to do full justification at that size?

The full article is here as pdf

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Alternative for "Foundry Monoline"

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an alternative for the "foundry monoline" typeface

preferebly a typeface with a regular, medium and light weight.

All help is really appreciated.

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need fraktur suggestions

I'm looking for examples of frakturs that are monospaced, and also ones that are monoline or low-contrast. Any pointers appreciated.


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