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Tighten tracking in-font

Hi folks,

I'm in a bit of a dilly of a pickle and I was wondering if any of you had a simple answer for me. The problem is this: I am building an iOS app that allows users to create photobooks on their phone. The problem comes in with the type. I have the font sent to -40 tracking in inDesign but unfortunately the iPhone SDK does not allow for tracking between characters without some pretty headache-inducing coding. So now I'm thinking of tacking a different tack: adjusting the tracking in-font using software like FontLab. Any ideas how to do this? Is it even possible?


Hello all,

I'm in need of links, photos, or anything you've got relating to Futura as seen in vintage printed materials (Bolded, Tracked out, and letter pressed, that sort of look)


I am trying to understand the tracking and leading relationship in typographic specimen sheets.

I see popular ratios of:

Is this sort of the standard or is it subject to the font and the cap height, etc?


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Kerning Help

I have four words here that could use some letter spacing critique.

Hi there!

I'm a 3d motion designer learning more about Typography, an interest of mine which sadly has not been of great importance in the projects that I do for work.

So while I have some spare time I'd like to re-educate myself and learn how to use it better.

For starters I have question about tracking and kerning.

Often when I kern and track some letters, I do it by eye, but who knows if I have a good eye for this sort of detail? ;)

I'm wondering are there any good online resources that can show me good kerning/tracking and perhaps show me a few do's and don'ts?

Also any books perhaps?


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