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Can anybody help ID this one please? It's from an old movie.

Hello, can anyone please ID this typeface from the 1988 movie poster for Married to the Mob.?

Thank you!

Hi, all, I am trying to find the font used in the title here:

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

Also, here is a link to the image, just in case:

Here's a good look at the theatrical one-sheet art for this 80s Eddie Murphy comedy:

Whatever they used for the title treatment has me thoroughly stumped. Can't get anything close to it. Anyone recognize it?

I think perhaps it's a composite of more than one face. The D is clearly different (just look at the serifs) from the other letters, and the C and G feel a little too different from each other.

Hi all, does anybody recognise this copperplate-style script on the "I Am Love" movie poster?

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