Worst business name and logo ever, but a client is a client. Need this asap. If you have this font you will know it for sure. Ive never seen anything this awful.

Thank-you and be well,

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Looking for Similar Typefaces

Hey all!

I'm creating a logotype for a band and in the stage of looking for type references. The band is a sort of sexy, female fronted, classic rock with an edge sort of sound and look. Equal parts Pat Benatar, Metallica, and early The Who.

So I've found this typeface over at My Fonts and I feel like this is a good starting place for something that could be customized by hand to give it more of that sexiness and edge, while remaining classic and sophisticated:

I'm hoping you guys can help me find more sources of inspiration for the direction I'm trying to go.


You are looking for a contemporary upright script family?
Lignette Script is an elegant monoline font consisting of 535 glyps, with a wide range of languages covered (including greek) and 71 beautiful ligatures – please make sure to use applications that support OpenType features. Moreover Marcus Sterz created Lignette Deco to complete the graceful look with frames and ornaments.

Right now it is on special sale on MyFonts

Or visit our own website

ok, so...I am writing an article on
Anthropomorphism & Zoomorphism of Typography
I have a loose outline with some themes & concepts I'd like to touch on.
I want to get some feedback, good & bad.
Here is what I have.

"The next time you are choosing a font for a project or even if you are considering the next font you'd like to sketch and eventually develop, consider the anthropomorphic qualities of your characters.

Anthropomorphism is the implication and application of human characteristics applied to a tangible object, theme or ideal.
Zoomorphism: the implication and application of animal characteristics applied to a tangible object, theme or ideal.


I'm designing an identity for a small internet-based writing/blogging business run by four strong, yet fashionable women with great taste and I'm looking for some possible typeface suggestions for a logo.

Caridade is a bold and powerful script face. It draws some inspiration from heavy brush drawn vintage hand lettering but its heavy weight is much thicker with plenty of impact and more contemporary letterforms. The face offers a wide array of weights, from the powerful Heavy weight to the graceful Thin.

Caridade can get the job done for many unique design tasks.

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