cursive font

The font located at:

Is an awesome font, and I would love to find out what it is, so that I could use something similiar, I've never seen something like this before.


Hello everyone,

Please help me identify this font which is to be used for a wedding invitation. I would greatly appreciate it.

Here's the picture of the font
The font I want to know is the part where it says 'A Teens Life'.
Thanks to anyone that helps!

Hi Guys,

Apologies ahead of time if I posted this in the wrong forum--will move it if it ends up that's the case (this is my first post).

Please help me with identifying this cursive hand-writing type font featured on si vous plait.

Thank you!

I am wondering if anybody know what font the names are in. I have looked all over the internet and can't find it. Please help me find it :)

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Logo ID

Could anyone help to ID the font used on the attached logo please?

I've tried contacting design companies who have printed brochures for us but as we supplied the logo as a jpeg they are unable to and the person who designed it no longer works for the design company we used and they are unab;e to find any of his notes (very professional).


Need "Distillery" font identified.
Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone- looking to find the font used for the Little Golden Books. Where they spell out 'A little golden book" classic in that simple cursive font. Is it something available out there? If not, is there something comparable to it?

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