Are there any typefaces out there developed specifically for E-Ink screens? Apart from the well hinted ones already loaded on the devices.

I remember seeing one on Behance but can't find it anymore…

It has been suggested, many times, that the letterpress hobby could do with a modern guide-book aimed at the absolute beginner.

I have made an attempt to produce such a guide. Aimed at the beginner who would like to start printing from home “First Steps in Letterpress” runs through the purchase, setting up and running of a table-top platen press.

It gives the beginner an idea of the range of products that can be produced using the letterpress process, and the various methods of producing them. Traditional typesetting, photo polymer and lino printing are covered.

The book has a “Reference Section” listing suppliers of everything the beginner may need, both in the USA and UK.


do you know which typeface is this one?

it is the kindle default one for menu and pages.

thank you

No new information here (iPad slower to read than print), but I would have liked to have more information on this "PC" they tested with. Anybody know more?

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