This is the ongoing project for an office that works on the promotion of cultural events in Brazil. I am working alone so, it would be very nice if you guys could help with some words. Thanks a lot.


Does anyone know the name of the font in the attached pic?

Thanks for help!

My hip collegian daughter is always pushing me to make fonts which she thinks will fit the design trends of the day, which seems to come down to fonts which would look good in the monogram on the side of the Adams Family’s hearse, on an Ed Hardy t-shirt or tattooed on the back of a contestant on Tool Academy. Ok, that’s the extent of my second-hand contemporary cultural literacy.


Does anyone know the name of the "Might and Magic" (I - VI) Logo-Font? (see attached image)

Thanks for help!

hey, typophiles!

i want to show few pictures of outdoor activities of AndrijType and friends. hope you have lot of fun in this summer too ))

I have stumbled upon this website of rare calligraphy books all available for view online and .pdf download. There is some pretty amazing books on there.

check it out.

I know I have seen this before a few times so I know it must be out there somewhere...can anyone tell me where I can buy it or even better if it is free : )

Hello all,

I'm very pleased to say that I have produced a new art print.

The print is called 'Blazing' and is available exclusively from Pictures on Walls.
POW is a big gallery selling the work of some extremely talented and established artists including Banksy and Antony Micallef, so I think it's a very positive development.

It's an ambigram, which means you can read it both ways up. Details here:

For those who want to see what calligraphy should be, visit:

and page through some spectacular work.

Two more workshops are being offered at Cooper Union this spring in lettering: "Organic Capitals" April 17 & 18 and "Compressed Styles (Black letter)" May 1 & 2. To see complete workshop details

These workshops are appropriate for people who have some background in lettering or calligraphy and are already
comfortable using a broad edged pen. Absolute beginners will struggle but if you're up for the challenge Julian is an excellent teacher to begin with.

Can someone please ID this typestyle. WTF would not work on it due to severe dithering

i would like to know more details about the typographer rudolph koch's ties with the jewish community and his designs made for the jews, like the offenbacher haggadah.

also, for hebrew readers, i wrote an essay about koch's work in my hebrew blog:

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Callygraphy X Lettering

Hello, this is my first active participation in typophile.
I'm looking for a clear distinction between calligraphy and lettering for a scholarly work.
Someone can collaborate?

I know that there are already a few posts in the forum on beginning calligraphy, but I have slightly more specific needs. I'd like to learn calligraphy, especially since at some point I'd also like to do a bit of type design, and I have already come across a number of books on Amazon and elsewhere. The problem is that I'm not really sure if such books cater for left-handers, or if indeed it makes any difference at all. Any thoughts or specific recommendations?

I found this at a relative's house: a bound manuscript, text probably written in the 18th century, containing some Christian prayers in Hebrew and the text of Psalms. Looks to have been written by a Jesuit missionary, probably as an exercise in learning biblical Hebrew. As a specimen of calligraphy it's pretty abysmal, but it gives interesting insight into an outsider's perception of the Hebrew alphabet. The way the author (or possibly authors) structure the letters is often different from what I grew up with. Note especially the Mem, Shin, Tet and Pey. Some of the characters (the Mem especially) afforded me a minor epiphany or two about their typographic forms vs. handwritten.


Welcome back and happy new year. We are proud to announce the release of Business Penmanship and some amazing collateral material.


The Specimen PDF is finally online. It is a beautiful collaboration with amazing illustrations by Leandro Castelao. Check it out!


I would like to show you a work I did using my Wacom tablet and Inkscape.
There was once a thread about calligraphy software and I am sure Inkscape is one of the best. It works different then CorelDraw and Illustrator but I think is more close to the traditional way except the strokes can be rearranged if necessary.

And a detail at actual size.

I would like to see your comments, critiques and advices so please feel free to post them.

A bigger version of it (1600 x 1200 px) can be downloaded from my site.

Thank you very much.

I'm interested in learning to do traditional Hebrew calligraphy. Does anyone know where I might go for that in New York?

Sans serif has been considered a more constructed in form than serif faces. And rightly so. It has none of those pesky serifs pointing out, and therefore it is more stable.

I made something different; the form of this sans serif is a narrow basic form, but with counter forms I did something different. Counters have distinct sharp forms in upper left and lower right corners, to simulate a traditional nib point pen:

I've gone through all my reference books from photo composition to Enschede sample book, and also MyFonts to find a similar approach to a sans serif, but couldn't find any.

What do you think?


Welcome back and happy new year. We are proud to announce the release of Business Penmanship and some amazing collateral material.


The long waited Specimen PDF is finally online. It is a beautiful collaboration with

Letters from Antarctica is a wonderful slideshow designed by the creative team of Veer to announce the launch of my new font Business Penmanship

Prompted by Altaira's new year's kawai wish card (, and by Hrant's quiz about the glyph used for the trees, I was reminded of one of my all time favourite calligraphy/typography posters.

Scriptorium Fonts is an Austin, Texas based type foundry founded in 1992 by game designer, editor, writer and historian Dave Nalle. It specializes in adaptations of antique fonts and fonts based on artistic hand lettering drawn from the work of famous artists and calligraphers like Alphons Mucha, William Morris, Willy Pogany, Arthur Rackham and Howard Pyle.

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