This is treatment I did of 18th century Armenian calligraphic style. Its the first letter of Armenian Alphabet - AIB (alpha, alef).

Dear Admin, I would also propose to create a Armenian Letters sub-forum in Special Interest Groups. I am sure that there are quite many Armenian font designers who are here and would join. Hrant Papazian is at least one of them I know :)

These archaic signs are from Syunik province and Geghama Mountain range in Armenia. Some of them are over 5000 years old.

In one of my college lessons, its states that typography refers to mechanically-reproduced letters while calligraphy refers to hand-rendered letters. I wondered if this is technically correct, despite the general use of the word "typography" to refer to the study and use of letterforms?

Please help me in identifying the script font on this packaging. Thank you!!

Please help me find out what both of these fonts are! I've searched thousands of fonts and cannot find them. Thank you!

I created this thread (re-directed from Tombstone typography in an effort to keep it focused) for people to discuss their different views on the relationships between calligraphy and type design.

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New typeface!

A new typeface in progress, I'd appreciate your feedback! :)

Hi all!

Need help identifying the font below. It is from anywhere between the 1950s to the mid 70s. Any help would be appreciated in finding out what it is. I have looked EVERYWHERE.


Alright, so I already know that this is actual calligraphy and I know who wrote all of it. However, I'd like to see if there is a font very similar to this because the project I'm working on would be much easier if I had a font rather than to handwrite everything. I know I'll lose some of the extra flair, but maybe I could mix some handwriting with some font. I just really need a good starting font that is as similar to this as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help in the right direction.

I came accross backslanted text in a few plates from Jan van den Velde's Spieghel der Schrijfkonste and came to wonder what it stood for.
In the examples I found the text seems to be introducing something else but I can be wrong.

Any help, references or other examples would be much appreciated!

We need to identify a typestyle for some boat lettering. The example attached is only as an aid to track down the font.
I've tried What The Font, and so far, no results. It seemingly cannot place the "L".

Of course, any help would be most appreciated.

Any ideas on what the "One Heart" font might be? Thanks in advance!

The long awaited (at least by me!) book by Rick Cusick, "What Our Lettering Needs: The Contribution of Hermann Zapf to Calligraphy and Type Design at Hallmark Cards" is finished. Publisher RIT is now taking pre-orders

Altered Ego Fonts announces the release of AE Prosperity, the first original script typeface released by Altered Ego®.

Originally commissioned in 2003, AE Prosperity (the typeface) is named after the schooner Prosperity, that sailed the high seas in 1779. The ship was granted a Letter of Marque to become an auxiliary of the navy by a young continental congress. Wıth 6 guns & at twenty tons, she sailed for patriotism and profit. The schooner Prosperity was captained by Joseph Sooy, an ancestor of Brian Sooy, the principal designer of Altered Ego Fonts.

A rare opportunity to dip your toe (and your pen) into the vast ocean that is Arabic calligraphy.

Society of Scribes in NYC is offering a 5 week course in the study of Thuluth
on March 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17
9:30 am - 3:30 pm.

for more info and to enroll:

I was wondering if anyone might be able to take a crack at identifying this font. I'm interested in using it for a tattoo.

I'm also open to similar styles if what you have in mind looks kind of like the above images but isn't quite right. I'm kind of partial to Indelible Victorian Regular ( as well, if it weren't quite so hard to read!

Thanks for any help! I've been scouring the internet trying to figure this out but I'm pretty new to typography.

Dear Typophiles,

I am a freelance design and lifestyle writer ( I am currently a new book about calligraphy and am looking for submissions from around the world.... Please get in touch if you work in this area and would like to submit your work, or please forward this post on to any friends / colleagues / contacts who you think might...

For more information or to submit work please contact me direct on

Many thanks!

Normally i dont second guess other "designers" but there are many things that make me question this person hand drew this typeface.
So im looking for anyone who might have seen it before, specifically the lower case glyphs since the uppers are easily modified for variation(unless you are a complete newb).

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I need an expert.

Please help me to identify this cool font. I dont care if commercial or free, just help me with the Name.

Bilder hochladen

Love this bottle design, and am wondering if anyone can id the typeface. Specifically, the one used on brand name (The Tentacle). Thanks in advance!

i'm recreating a sign hanging outside of a store for use in the same store. i've seen this font before but i just can't find it.

i've search DaFont and MyFonts already.

Hello everyone, I just want to share a new release Piel Script.

After several years of receiving tattoo requests and images of them using my fonts, I decided to design and publish a tattoo-style typeface. You can see the specimen here. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed designing it.

If you want to see more images in use or to license the font or just to read more about it.

Ale Paul

Mynaruse Royale is an expansion of Mynaruse Titling. It features script capitals and widely tracked and smaller titling capitals. Mynaruse Royale has plenty of character and, with its powerful and sharp serifs that draw the eye. Mynaruse Royale is useful in settings that call for titling with an extra touch of elegance, such as a storefront, wedding program or formal invitation.
Mynaruse Royale contains a number of OpenType alternates, including alternate forms for the capitals that are large, drop cap like capitals instead of the calligraphic script capitals found in the default forms. Additionally there are non widely tracked lowercase forms that work well with the included alternate characters and ligatures.

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