Hello there!

Does anyone perhaps know what typeface this is?

I would appreciate any help, as I really like this font!

Thanks in advance,

Can anybody tell me a good font for a incompletely-sketched, construction line type font? I want a mechanical sketch sort of look. I want it to have the letters "T" and "W". Thanks everybody!

Hello everyone, working a small project for a family friend. Company name is Elite Marble & Granite. Name pretty much what they do. They want to come across a professional and established company. "Simple" and "Clean" are the two most used words when describing the feel. Because of the name "Elite" I thought number 1, top notch and royalty. I explored with granite slab idea in the #1. Three slabs making an "E" and crown. #2 takes on the "number 1" idea. Converted the "I" into a one and used a rectangle to show the slab of granite/marble. #3 is a play on the letter "E" and swirls of color/pattern variations in the stone work. #4 focus on the royalty idea.

Here are some first draft ideas. Do anyone of these jump out at you? Thank you.

Is there a reference that explains italic/oblique letterforms in a similar way to Karen Cheng's Designing Type? I'm looking for a book that at least shows axial stresses, relative proportions, and some width measurements to compare. Haven't had any luck in finding even something close to this, and feel like it'd be really helpful. (hopefully the information isn't in some out of print volume…)

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