I'm hoping to release my first font shortly and I'm curious how those more experienced in this niche go about the business of maximizing the revenue created by their work.

I am having trouble determining the fonts in the logo image included. If someone could help me determine what fonts are used, I would greatly appreciated it.

Additionally: If they are commercial fonts, do you know of any free alternatives.

Thank you ahead of time.

I've just released my first paid font family via MyFonts, and I'm having trouble getting the word out about it. What's the best way to approach this? Send images to blogs? I posted it in the release section here and didn't get much feedback, any ideas?


I would be glad to have your opinion concerning the Neue Frutiger 1450 released by Monotype. I've also seen that they have published an article : "DIN 1450 – the German standard on legibility of texts" which could be seen as a marketing argument to justify, and sell this 1450 serie. (Maybe I'm wrong?).

I've seen some tough feedbacks on Twitter today by some weel known and hi-skilled type designers :

Imagine you’ve been tasked with delivering a design brief across multiple digital platforms. You’ve constructed a pristine template with evenly set grids and equally balanced guidelines. It looks perfect, but it only applies to print. How would it look on a mobile phone screen? You certainly can’t replicate it there. And what about the explosion in tablets? You quickly find it’s not as simple as you first thought. But you’re not alone – it turns out the ‘digital niggles’ associated with fonts are the most challenging aspect of digital design briefs today.

We just released the second in our series "The Ten Commandments of George Lois." The quotation reads The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything. When I first approached George about collaborating, this was his immediate suggestion and remains one of his more celebrated statements.

My favorite quote of his, "Great ideas can't be tested. Only mediocre ideas can be tested" was the first release in the series.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this shirt will benefit the Herschel Levit scholarship fund at Pratt Institute, Mr. Lois' alma mater.

What is your typical process when selecting a name for a typeface you're designing...

I can live with the the Optima that's been stretched and squished like Silly Putty. But isn't "Marble Farm" a slang term for graveyard?

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