Why are type foundries more intent on catching people who use pirated fonts rather than catching those make them available in the first place. There is a website dedicated to providing free Helvetica and Gotham fonts, why dont they do something about that rather than catching some lone, broke designer. Yeah it is illegal but doing something about it is ineffective and inefficient. Why not just try stopping the websites that distribute these fonts for free. Maybe you will scare some people who use these fonts but that is it about it. You just wasted a whole lot of time pursuing one offender and what are you gonna get out of it ? Pretty much nothing. So why not try to cut off the root of this problem.

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Hi everyone,

I know subject of piracy comes up again and again, but I feel compelled to make this public.

Does anyone know anything about the Fontpark website?


Please forgive my ignorance if this is legit, but it certainly doesn't look legit to me. I found some of my own fonts there, free to download, no questions asked. Not to mention fonts by high-profile international foundries, which I have contacted to inform.

I Googled around but found few if any references to this site.

With no "Contact" links on the site (why would they?) is there any way of sending them a "Cease and Desist" notification? I'm sure someone here on Typophile must have some experience in this area?

Thanks, Wayne
Australian Type Foundry

You know that feeling? Your submission has been rejected by the font foundry then some months later the same foundry release a font based on your designs...

What is the very best way to protect against this type of piracy? Are there standard ways to prevent it? What is the best approach to archiving/protecting/etc digital font files and/or printed type specimens?

Hello all

The other day i walked into a store and saw a tee shirt that was printed using one of my fonts in the designs.
What can I do?
I cannot afford a lawyer and the country i live and work in doesn't have contingency based lawsuits.

I bought the item and made plenty of photos and an evidence file in which i overlapped the two letterings.

I will be glad to have any form of advice on this :)

Dear type designers

I tried to alert and alarm you about the piracy's and EULAs' violations dangers at ophello's topic, but you ignored me, didn't believe in me, if you continue ignoring me and being uncoscient of all, you'll be hazard being blackened and losing the market and money. Please be conscient of that all that you didn't know.

Free and original fonts' EULAs dangers

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