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2008 Logo

This is a weird one. I get a lot of close matches on whatthefone and whatfont is, but not quite right with those downward facing serifs.

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2002 logo

Can't seem to find anything larger as a sample. Hopefully someone might recognize from something this small. Looking for both fonts btw, but the top font is most important.

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2001 Logo

Lots of close matches but I can't put my finger on this one.

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2006 logo

whatthefont & whatfontis both failed =/

Both images are of the same font (note how the 'i' and 'o' are shaped). The first image I found in a Japanese anime website, in a wallpaper. The second image I found while watching an anime fansub.

I've tried Identifont and WhatTheFontFont?!, both didn't give me what I'm looking for, I guess this is a pretty rare font? Thanks in advance if any of you identify this font.

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