I really enjoy reading this serif, and I believe it's a Caslon, but unfortunately it does not match any digitized set I have come across. I would be very thankful for any suggestions for what might resemble this.

Sorry for the lousy image; I don't have a proper camera at hand.

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60s Jazzy Typefaces

I am working on a project that requires some 1950s/60s typefaces (or something that looks very similar). The project relates to jazz music of the era so any retro and/or jazzy typeface recommendations are welcome.

I have this image with some type I'd like to imitate. Especially the "Sound Magic" in the third row. Can anyone id any of these faces?



im looking for a font similar to these blocky, 50s / 60s era retro fonts.
does not need to be an exact match... just something in the ballpark.


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