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Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has licensed its XPS-to-PCL™ 6 and XPS-to-PostScript® vector conversion filters to Microsoft Corp. for use in the next version of Windows. Monotype Imaging's XPS-to-PCL6 and XPS-to-PostScript driver technology enables printer device manufacturers to quickly and easily support XPS (XML Paper Specification) without modification to their PCL6 or PostScript printers.

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Hello Typophilers.

I was hoping I could get a few recomendations on fonts that feel & look similar to the examples below.


Hi, I'm working on a multi-lingual project for the first time and have been asked to find out if there are any standardised web fonts for each of the following languages:

• Hindi
• Urdi
• Arabic
• Mandarin

Similar to what we have in fonts such as Verdana, Georgia, and...say it quietly....Arial.

Really appreciate any help from the members of the board who may have experience in this field of typography. Of course, and insights from speakers of those languages would be deeply appreciated, as well. :)

Many thanks in advance!

Hey everyone, I need you expert knowledge identifying some typefaces for some agency logos. Thanks in advance :)



Hi there :)

I have been looking all over the net to find this certain font's name.
I have found a similar one, named "Cute Tattoo", but that's not quiet it.
Can anyone help me?
thank you in advance :) x

I am posting to let everyone know that we are working with filmmaker Scott Hutcheson to produce a documentary film about the world's most controversial font, Comic Sans. The font's designer Vincent Connare has said, "If you love it, you don't know much about typography. If you hate it, you don't know much about typography, either, and you should get another hobby." We agree with the first part of that statement. For nearly ten years now, our hobby has been hating on Comic Sans with the ban comic sans campaign.

In the vein of the Helvetica film, Hutcheson will explore the world's love/hate relationship with Comic Sans by interviewing top designers including Shepard Fairey, designer of the iconic Obama HOPE image.

I've made multiple pdfs from my indesign files and combined them in preview to make one big pdf. I have no problems viewing it in preview but when I or my client try to open it in Acrobat it crashes or gives this error message: Cannot extract the embedded font xxxxx. Some charcters may not display or print correctly.

Does anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it?

Hello Everyone!

Im currently looking for artists and type lovers to help fill the pages of "Type I Find".

•Check out the site.
•Submit Some work.
•"like" it on Facebook.

and spread the word to other type lovers!!!

Australian Type Foundry [ATF] began in 2001 as a commercial outlet for the fonts of designer Wayne Thompson.

Today, Australian Type Foundry retails almost 100 original typefaces through online outlets around the world, and continues to design and market new type designs. ATF is best known for two sans-serif Opentype families, Halvorsen and ArumSans. ATF also produces custom designs and typeface modifications for a large range of advertising clients.

ATF has twice entered the New York Type Directors Club Type Design competition, winning neither time.

I am working on an article about how to explain to clients why fonts and typography matter.

I have amassed a good array of facts, arguments and analogies over the years (though I always welcome more). What I’m really looking for are some good anecdotes about clients questioning the value of typography and fonts, and the dialogue you had with them. Is this a frequent or perennial problem for you?

To be quoted in the article it would be helpful for me to have your real name, and where you are based.



Font Tuning Application Enables CE Device Manufacturers to Refine the Look of Fonts for Optimal Display

WOBURN, Mass., April 5, 2011 – Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has introduced the iType® FontTuner™ application, a solution for improving the look of fonts on particular display screens by adjusting the thickness and sharpness of characters rendered from the fonts. Targeted to manufacturers and developers of consumer electronics devices, FontTuner operates on TrueType® fonts enabled to work with Monotype Imaging’s Edge™ Technology, which combines hinting and patented rendering techniques to achieve uniform, legible text.

I found another thread that discussed legal issues with fonts but it didn't quite deal with my specific question and since I was still confused, I decided to just go ahead and ask the experts!!

Can fonts be legally used to create word art that would be sold as either bmp. files or .png files for digital scrapbooking? Or are you crossing the copyright laws? In particularly with regards to free fonts?

Also, if you do happen to purchase a commercial license of a font, does that give you freedom to create word art?

Is this even an issue since the image is raterized and from what I read on the other post it is only the font software that would be the issue?

Thanks so much!!


I'm about to try to sell my first font and introduce it to the world, but...

How do you protect your fonts from being stolen by someone who could take them and rename them, and claim that they were the original creator and sell them themselves or whatever they want to do with them?

What measures do you take to protect your fonts from this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance.

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"College" Fonts?

I'm looking for more fonts like this one, but I especially need more weights than it provides...Thanks!

Can someone help me with Laura Worthington Fonts pack


Thanks in advacne

Hi all,

Am currently researching type families for use in a general-interest magazine that will be produced. The design is being generated from the ground up with no prior style guides; as well as developing structure and layout, appropriate text and display faces must be selected.

Am wondering of any suggestions you may have for classic or contemporary faces in an editorial setting that you're feeling at the moment. Or in fact strategies you may have in place for selecting typefaces in these cases that have worked for you.

Thanks in advance

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Closed Minded

Copy from showing weasel word racists
(mostly from British Linux operating system user groups (LUGs)) trying
to suppress the alteration of the 11th letter shape from k/K to
unicode 0915 shape meant for spiritual reasons.

Nix 31 Oct 2010 Gllug says "We're _too short of decent free font
designers. Please stop trying to drive them off"

Tig 1 Nov 2010 Staffslug says "Don't forget the chic?en ?orma"

Andrew Edwards 1 Nov Staffslug says "_sacred meat"

martin rome 1 Nov Staffslug says "_people_"think"_i seriously hope
this is a joke_

Peter Cannon 1 Nov 2010 Staffslug says "_2 X Onion bhaji 1 X
Chicken Phal_ please_"

can someone please help me figure out a font that is close to the style of "almanac" in the image above?

thank you!

Looking to confirm the type information here. The data should be accurate but, let me know if you find any issues.

The text file is now attached at the end of this post:

My feeling is that the font used in a text would have a certain weight in how an assessor or supervisor views, reads, relates and marks etc a written text.
This fascinates me as there may be considerable differences in the humanities and sciences. And in the sciences, between the soft and hard sciences something like psychology or economics may need a different font for top appeal and presentation to something like physics or mathematics to be as convincing as possible. Then there are the health sciences and nursing where maybe
empathy and other centeredness and practicality a certain organic life centredness is valued more than in say philosophy or theosophy where self consciousness is written in capital letters. I would like to get input and views from others on this?

Hello everyone.

I found a quote where an anonymous user says that Sony can't use a (FF Blur) font because it's commercial:

Probably Sony reworked it... They can't use a commercial font, of course, they must have their own font

in this thread.

I was wondering if it is so, why can't some brand use a commercial font?

Thank you.

I'm designing a 100+ page document that is intended to be read primarily on screen (as a downloadable PDF) but it must also look great when it's printed.

I'm about 20 pages into laying out the type, and I'm starting to think that my body copy font choice, Helvetica Neue 55 Roman, may not have been the best choice. It looks a bit crude on screen.

I've considered using a more screen friendly font (Verdana, Arial, etc), but then I'll be sacrificing the integrity of the print version. So, use 2 separate fonts? No dice, I refuse to set this document twice, it's far too long.

Hello, i'm a russian blogger and developer. I want to make a review of fonts, targeted for software developers(using it in IDE, editors).
Due my location, i can't get a good information about best fonts(including proprietary fonts) for my work. Yes, my friends use fonts like Arial, Courier New, Liberation. It's so scary.
So, i want to find more information in asking of you, of professionals in fonts chosing :)
Now i'm scanning google in searching of better fonts(like monaco, incosolata etc), but all pages are old. Maybe, you can tell me something new about fonts for development?
I found alot of proprietary font, but i can't try it in my IDE(Eclipse and emacs). But, if i have a some more information about what fonts need to try - i'll buy it.

Hi everybody.

I'm looking for suggestions of modern sans serif fonts, I like Precious Sans, and to certain level Ubuntu but want more options that you consider relevant.

Thanks in advance

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