Vintage / antique seltzer bottle from Argentina.

Looking to identify the type - or find a close match

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It's probably obvious but please can someone identify the 2 fonts on the album cover.

Hey guys,
I came across this and had to screenshot this beautiful stencil lettering. I realize it is likely not a "font" per se, but can anyone identify it or something even kinda similar? I'm really digging this and Jan Tschichold's Iwan Stencil Pro :


Having trouble IDing posted typeface. Similar to Logistica but not quite. Suspecting that it's a modification of an existing face. Thoughts?

I am trying to find out what this typeface is called -

It's from the Port Magazine website (

Could anyone recommend similar fonts, if unable to identify exactly? Any help would be appreciated.


Willem Sandberg liked to use stencil fonts. Usually they were “handmade”. But on one poster, I found a font that is very similar to typesetting. I'd like to know his name and origin. Thank you

This piece of poster in 1973, from the book “Sandberg, vormgever van het Stedelijk”, p. 172 (010 Publishers)

Hi all,
I am new here - great board - please go easy on me.
I saw this font at the MoMA NY and would like to use it. Does anyone know what it is, and where I may be able to purchase it, please?

I've been trying to find out what font this is… no luck so far. I feel like it must be so obvious I'm overlooking it.

Thanks in advance!

Hey, guys I'm new on here, hope this is in the best section. I kind of have a peculiar question. I'm looking to physically enlarge a text(Ziggurat) in order to use it as a stencil. I would have kinko's do it as usual, but considering the size, it will be more expensive than I'd like to pay.

I was wondering if anyone new of a site or place to find font measurements and pitches, which would make it very easy to enlarge. If not, I guess I'll resort to finding the ratios from photoshop or try to make/buy a projector. Any other tips or recommendations would be appreciated.


I'm redrawing some art that one of our customers lost. The image is from a scanned sample of the original art, but I can't figure out what font this is at all. I'm pretty sure the art was done a LONG time ago, if that helps narrow it down at all. Thanks in advance!

Could you please help me to identify the font used on this bench?



Anyone know what this typeface is?

Or anything similar...


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Any ideas guys?


Any guesses? Not sure what it is but I have a client who would like to know. Thanks!

Can anyone ID these two fonts being used in AT&T advertisements? Are they custom? And if so, any idea as to the foundry?

205 is a new type foundry founded in 2010 by Damien Gautier (Lyon, France)
Almost display fonts but not only...
Opentype fonts, it's sure! With opentype features (ligatures, alternate glyphs, etc.)

Already available :
– Amiral : a strong stencil typeface (uppercases only)
– Bloo : a four cut font in homage to "Codex80" by Jean Alessandrini
– Caporal : an elegant stencil font
– Colonel : a four cut stencil font – uppercases and lowercases – : cut, rounded and sharp angles
– LeChaufferie : a display font with 1200 ligatures !
– Robin : a dingbats font with infinite possibilities thanks to 5000 kerning pairs

Éditions Deux-Cent-Cinq publishes also books on typography, architecture and contemporary photography.
Visit the website :

EDIT: please disregard the screenshots in this post and scroll down about seven entries to see updated screenshots. also, there are new attachments (in this post) below, prefixed with "8-6-10." please disregard the "osdc_typeface_1a.pdf" attachment. it is from a week or two ago. please use either the "sketches" or "refined" files for making comments or adjustments to characters. if i should delete the old files and screenshots, let me know. im not sure if people prefer to see the process from the beginning. thank you!


This is a request for a font, either existing (best—saves effort) or new (great project for a typophile). It’s non-commercial, so payment can only be in the form of acknowledgement.

I’m part of a group that hosts port tastings — for ourselves, not as a business. Port bottles used to be labelled with a physical stencil (you can see where this is going) through which white paint was sprayed or painted. Examples of such bottles: 1 2 3 (with apologies for the focus problem in the second and third pictures).

I'm looking to find out what type of font the 2049 is in this piccture. I can't find it anywhere.

I at first thought they were the same family, but after looking at them side by side, at lease the S is different.

The Modern House family is used throughout the book in various weights, bold through light/ very light, and doesn't appear in italics.

The Make Magazine Headline font is used in stencil, but may have other weights and styles.

I am happy to announce Dezen, my new release!

Dezen is a contemporary, mechanical grotesque typeface. Its letters were first constructed from individual modules and then optically refined to enhance its rhythm. Its tight letter spacing and narrow proportions make the typeface particularly well suited for display sizes and headlines. When you add spacing, font can be used for shorter amount of text, bigger than 12 points.

The Dezen type family consists of a wide variety of styles – solid and stencil. The Dezen Pro subfamily combines all 4 styles (Solid, Stencil 01, Stencil 02, Stencil 03) in a specific sequence, which originates a “pattern” for the alphabet (or dezen, in Slovak).

Dezen Pro Regular is for free!

Buying information:

Posted this last week, but no replies... Am going to give it one more shot;

This rather lovely stencil face is on an old tin container i bought... Any suggestions as to what it might be/similar fonts?

Lineto's Le Corbusier seems to be along the right lines, but am put off slightly by the price-tag!


This rather lovely stencil face is on an old tin container i bought... Any suggestions as to what it might be/similar fonts?


Can any one suggest a font that looks like this (or IS this)?



Part of: Indices : Typefaces : Rounded Typefaces

Current URL:

Designed by Joel Nordström 2002

Published by Lineto

The logo of a RAYGIL coffee machine was the starting point for this caps-only stencil font. The designer of the logo probably used a variant of Frankfurter and made a stencil version of the 6 characters he needed. KADA was drawn from scratch without further reference to Frankfurter and the result now serves well as a very bold and graphic headline typeface, offering 2 alternate character sets on the upper case and lower case within the same font.

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