Hi everyone,

I'm hoping for some help with FontLab. I'm pretty new to the program and am having some difficulties when pasting in from illustrator. Based on a friend's good knowledge, I think the glyphs are pasting as a background layer, as they are not editable and show as a filled object rather than outlines like they normally would. Hopefully this makes sense. Does anyone know how to turn off [?] pasting as a background layer?

Thanks in advance!!



I'm searching for an older post. The author needed help in identifying a Sans-serif and uploaded a picture in which the font was placed on a blue sky background, in the lower part of the image the roof a building is shown. The font's colour was white.

I can't remember the name of the topic/author and it's a rather new post, but i can't find it. I discovered it on Wednesday 13th.

Hope you can help me out somehow



Hi! I am one of Warren Chappell's only descendants which, while cool, has always been merely a novelty. Now my own children are teenagers and they have begun to understand how important their great-great-uncle was.

Just yesterday we found A.A. Milne books designed by him. They were excited! We know a little bit of the distant family stuff, but now I want to find more sources about him beyond those on the general search.

Can any of you help me? Thank you.

Hey Everybody,
I am trying to have something like a black block underneath every Letter of the typeface . So basically an inverted version of the typeface on a black Background. Is it possible to automtically generate an effect like that in fontlab or give the typeface a feature to do so? The propblem is that the Typeface is not a monospacetypeface so if i would set up the letters on a black background in the glyphsheet , once two letter would overlap like AV something would be cut away from the A or V. It also needs to work witout doing anything manually afterwards ( like changing underline options in indesing for example)! Would be great if anybody could help me!
All the best

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Background Issue on Fontlab

Hi there!
I am once again "typefacing". Back from the grave!
Anyway, i am having a strange issue in Fontlab.
Tried to import background but it doesnt recognize the .JPG or .BMP or even .GIF it does recognize .TIFF but when i try to import tiff it just gives me an error.

Any idea?

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