Hey everybody,

Fonts are single-color. Differently colored outlines or filled-in sections (the hole in the capitol 'P', for example) could be created via the use of two fonts, one or both being useless without the other.

Are there any common such font pairs out there that I should know about, or is this something that I would have to request from someone/build myself?

Hello font lovers :)

I've got an annoying problem (but then again, aren't all problems annoying?). Well here goes:

I've pursued an old idea of splitting a font in half — one font (half) containing the first set of fragments of each glyph, the second font (half) containing the rest of the fragments. I'm calling the font Unify 1 and Unify 2.

The idea is then to write something with a readable font, then duplicate the text you've just written and add Unify 1 to the first copy and Unify 2 to the second copy. To be able to read the whole thing, you need to put the two copies on top of each other and voila! It's complete.

That was the concept. Now to the problem, which I've explained in this short video:


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