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Hi everyone!

I'm adapting an already designed packaging to a series of different languages. I haven't had any problems with danish, french, dutch, swedish... so far but now I have to work with the bulgarian one and I can't seem to find a solution.

The "how to cook" instructions can be done with helvetica or something similar so it's not a problem. The difficulty comes when I have to write: microowave or oven / always crunchy using Market and Impact. Have you got any clue of the closest type with cyrillic characters I can use?

Thanks a lot!!!


I tried the search function, but did not find much. Sorry in advance if I used the wrong search terms.

We're in a start-up for an global company in the food industry. So a lot of packaging and small size ingredient tables involved.

We're looking for a serif and a sans serif that work well together in as much as possible variations. E.G. Gotham from H&F is a fine one, but it does not seem to have Greek or Cyrillic. I've contacted FontShop about the issue as well.

I understand possibilities get diminished a lot with these restrictions.

Any help would be nice!


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