I'm currently experimenting with the best position to set anchors in an OpenType font.

Now, when I ask the app Glyphs to place my anchors, it takes the width of the total letter, and set the anchor in the middle of the width.
And it does the same for the punctuation.

But when the punctuation (automatically) is merged on the letter, this default behaviour does not always result in the best combination: some punctuation has to shift to the left, other to the right.

Are there some guidelines for the best placing of the anchors or is it totally up to the taste of the designer? (Read; the designers eye...)

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the website and I've found all the information here very helpful. For my senior project I chose to design a typeface from scratch, and there are some technical issues that I am having. I am making an italic serif typeface in the old style/ transitional style. I've taken some inspiration from Giambattista Bodoni's Bodoni typeface, and it will be used for displays, pull quotes, and headers.

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