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What is closest web font to Chronicle? Typekit or other web licensed font is fine just looking for the closest one since HF&J doesn't offer web licenses for Chronicle at this point in time...

what's the best body typeface to associate with Hoeflr's Number Claimchek or Revenue

any suggestions?

My employer uses HTF Requiem as the standard typeface in print and identity. It is a great face and a broad family for many applications. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have ligatures for the text weights, except for italics. Am I wrong? Am I just missing something?

Also, a lot of my work is for the web. Requiem's fine serifs often breakdown when they are exported in images. Any suggestions on dealing with this issue? Alternate, comparable typefaces?

the beautiful typeface Claimcheck Numbers by Hoefler & Frere Jones is unfortunatly a numeral font ONLY.

do you know which font can have the same style, or a font that can work together well?


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Designed by Tobias Frere-Jones Published by Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Gotham Rounded is a technical letter that goes from friendly to high-tech to cheeky with ease.

Our Gotham typeface, inspired by signs on buildings, celebrates the workmanlike “draftsman’s alphabet” at a monumental scale. Similarly unadorned, but at a more intimate size, is the lettering of engineering: the marks on precision instruments, blueprints, stencils and templates. Drawn, stamped, engraved and routed, these forms are sensitively captured by our new Gotham Rounded family, available in eight styles including italics.

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