all small caps

Hi, is it ok to make small caps iota (I) with the dot on top? I know it is not commonly used but is a distraction?

I'm close to buying LTC Kennerley bold (a face Nick recently mentioned in another thread, coincidentally, though his comment went wooshing over my head) for the covers of a series of books, but I'm not totally sold yet. Can anyone suggest faces with a similar look to the samples below?

So I was using my Williams Caslon font to set a book, and decided to use the "all small caps" option. This was to access the (ahem) very cool feature of special small caps figures and parens, to create discrete citations for display quotes.

I tried at first setting up a "character style" to do this, as in that dialogue box you have the option of choosing "open type all small caps". But when I saw the result, I freaked out, because the numbers were too small, and there was no kerning to the colon, and it looked a wreck.

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