Hello everyone,
I've a question about horizontal and vertical stems in FontLab.
Going to Font Info --> Hinting Settings --> Standard stems (T1 hinting) it is possible to define values for horizontal and vertical font's standard stems.
But when I'm in a blank Glyph Window is there a way to visualize horizontal and vertical hints based on those values?
I mean, how can I make those values useful for the designing process of the glyphs?
Thank you for your help!

Good evening,

I'm finally working on my first typeface! Yay. It's a conservative, old-style text serif and it will look like this. It'll be an open source project that I work on in my free time.

Since I have no typographic education whatsoever (I'm an engineering freshman straight out of highschool with a type addiction), I need some help: how do I space letters horizontally? I just finished the lowercase letters and I already spend most of my time changing side bearings and kernings instead of drawing letters. That is annoying and frustrating. It's a constant shifting of letters back and forth, and I never seem to get the spacing quite even.

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