Adobe Jenson

I am trying to find a way of achieving the same colour, evenness and strength that Jenson conveyed, for instance, here:

I appreciate that there have been many digital typefaces inspired or informed by Jenson and I’ve tried some of them – Adobe Jenson, Arno, Legacy Serif, Centaur – but somehow all of them create a very different feel on the page.

I have been trying to put my finger on just what it is the 15th-century Jenson has that the modern typefaces don’t and just what it is that I find so attractive about the 1475 sample.


I am researching Adobe Jenson for typography class. I have read (Bringhurst) that modern digital fonts named Janson or Jenson are based on fonts that were not actually created by Janson, but by Kris. I have not seen anything that specifically relates this to Adobe Jenson (by Robert Slimbach), however. Can anyoone confirm if this is the case? Bonus points for references to published sources on this.

Also, I am wishing for some published discussion of Slimbach's design process for Jenson. In particular, I am curious to know what issues were faced in reating the italic, based on Arrighi, to the roman.

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